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'Dancing With the Stars' results recap: Elimination shocker!

121970_9793_pre Well, I didn’t see that coming. This evening ushered in the first results show of “Dancing With the Stars’ ” 11th season, and while Tom and Brooke kept dropping hints that this week’s elimination was a surprising one, I wasn’t sure whether to believe them.

But slap me upside the head and call me Shirley, this first-round cut really was a doozy.

Because, while he may have worn a shirt that said he wasn’t dead yet, David Hasselhoff’s time on this show has gone officially kaput.

The Hoff is Off.

Some liked it Hoff, but apparently most people didn’t. And while his cha-cha was challenged, to say the least, I could have sworn that his "Baywatch" life preserver would have kept him afloat in the competition for at least a couple of more weeks. Was it because Germany wasn’t allowed to vote? Or maybe too many people couldn’t bear to have their fond '80s memories of Michael Knight and Mitch Buchannon marred by this guy in pleather clomping around on the dance floor. Or was it payback for being such a stickler on “America’s Got Talent”?

Well, at least we got a luscious reminder of his Hoff-the-charts 1980s hairstyles during Adam Carolla’s wobblingly entertaining segment, “Tour de Dance.” And at least he still has Germany, right? I’m sure the Hoff would kill on that country’s version of the show (called “Let’s Dance”). But you don’t Hassel the Hoff, and the Hoff himself was not hassled by this dubious honor of being the first contestant off this season. He took the beating like a champ (albeit a champ without a mirror ball trophy), and graciously walked Hoff with his head held high and a nice send-Hoff to his partner, Kym Johnson. (Bear with me; I had a whole season's worth of puns that I now need to get Hoff my chest and squeezed into this small entry.)

Though when it came down to the Hoff and Kyle Massey, I was sure that Tuesday night would be young Kyle’s swan song. As much as I enjoyed his performance, how many people knew who Kyle was going into the competition? More important, how many of those people actually watch “DWTS”? Clearly, more than I gave them credit for, as he was safe to dance another week.


Though in retrospect, didn’t it seem like the Hoff could foresee the glittery curtains coming? He said he didn’t think he had a shot of going past the second or the third round, and those black “Sex Bomb” outfits he and Kym were sporting quickly became funereal. “If we go out, we’ll go out in a blaze of glory,” he proclaimed. Hey, maybe that’s why the lights on stage seemed a lot brighter than usual that night.

Because there were some moments during Santana and Daughtry’s performances that were downright blinding. What was that shining in my eye, a firebomb? Santana, India.Arie and Daughtry performed admirably, accompanied by our pros out on the dance floor. It’s always a treat to see our pros come out and show us what they can really do. Enjoyed Santana’s “Oye Como Va” and “Photograph,” the duet with him and Daughtry at the end. I also enjoyed how they were both so bold as to tell Tom Bergeron whom they were rooting for: Santana put his money on Kurt Warner: “He’s got the rhythm and he’s got the flow.” And Daughtry favored his mane man Michael Bolton.

What did you think of the first elimination, ballroom fans? Were you as shocked as I was? Anyone else feel duped from that first hour of “special recap”? How much do you love Florence Henderson (“Can I see your Situation? Can I touch?”)? Is there really a wet bar on the balcony? Should Rick Fox really be putting all that makeup on that delicious toffee? Who do you have pegged to win it all?

— Allyssa Lee


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Photo: David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson cha-cha. Photo credit: Adam Larkey / ABC.

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truly disappointed - not many "stars" worth watching this year, and now one of them is gone ----- luv Jennifer Gray

I really admire Jennifer Grey's tribute to Patrick Swayze on DWTS. Last night was just special. They got to dance to a song that is so iconic and it triggered great memories.

Well, I for one was hoping Hasselhoff would leave first. He's a tragedy. I don't know what the DWTS staff were thinking when they recruited him. He's a noted and tragic alcoholic. I know DWTS likes to get "challenged" people like Heather Mills and Marlee Matlin on the show, and I think that's great. But alcoholism is still taboo. The Hoff was obviously on the sauce last night. His speech was slurred and he danced like a drunk. At 58, he looks older and more feeble than Florence Henderson, who is 76. I couldn't stand watching. I'd rather remember him as Mitch Buchannon than as this sad old wreck.

Next to go: Cho? Sorrentino?

To be honest I like Michael Knight but finally they did not eliminate the black person first. I would call it a small victory.

Sad to see the Hoff go as he could make fun of himself which is something I find endearing. And he seemed to really like getting out there. But the judges sure didn't hold back in criticizing him. Carrie Ann didn't like the way he moved his mouth and said 'I can tell it felt very sexy to you.' Ouch.

But from what I've read elsewhere, he's got real problems with his knees and I think one of his daughters mentioned that as well. So maybe it's for the best.

I am honeslty glad that David left. I surely thought it would be Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. I'm glad he didn't leave though because he is very entertaining, and I don't even like the guy. My favorites this season ar Brandy, Kyle, Jennifer, and Mike. I didn't really like Bristol, but when I actually saw her for the first time because I had never heard her speak, I think I may root for her too.

i haven't watched the show in awhile but i don't think a black person has ever been eliminated first

In your article you talked of surprise because of the Hoff's PAST accomplishments...........this is a DANCE contest not a POPULARITY contest. He was terrible and not just because of bad knees............I predicted he would be the first to go and he sure did!!!!!!

I think that the vast majority of people (except maybe in Germany) are repulsed by him. So this is not a surprise. I don't mind his self-depreciating humor, but there is just something that you can feel is off about him in a very unhealthy way. And I'm not talking about his knees.

1) I couldn't believe eliminating David;
2) Elimination episodes are so dragged out; difficult to take.
3) I am glad Bristol is still dancing;
4) Carrie Ann is difficult to endure; says some ridiculous stuff;
5) I want Bristol to stay on as long as possible but I'll say Kurt Warner noses
out Jennifer Gray for d Mirrorball.

What Santana performance were you watching...the rehearsal show? To call that anything but a tired mash-up of cliche Santana licks I've heard too many times would be an understantement. It was an embarrassingly bad musical moment in my mind.

I too, will miss the Hoff.

chalk one up for your own private war, eh Atina1 ?
and "MK" has a real name

I think you're correct Tim.

And you are wrong Sherrie, this IS indeed a popularity contest as well. The viewers votes are combined with those of the judges.

David gave it his best and I'm trying to make my decisions based on performance only - not from the individual's personal life choices. He sure has some beautiful daughters.

Santana ROCKS! Bravo.
I heard him on KLOS this morning too!

I thought they were going to boot Margaret Cho.
Love Michael Bolton and hope he loosens up.
Florence Henderson moves good for 70-something...you rock!
Kind of thought Jennifer Grey's performance was used as leverage. Sorry just my opinion.
Kyle was good and brought great energy
Missed Rick Fox, Brandy and the rest.

i am so happy that florence henderson and corky got eliminated but i feel sorry for them. i think it is sad tht they got rid of the situation and karina.

I think they should GET RID of Bristol Palin.

i think that it was wrong to eliminate the hoff. he did good, i thought. they should have eliminated bristol palin first. she can't dance. she will probably be the next to go anyway. i believe the one to win the compitition will be...........brandy and mak. jennifer gray and brandy will be the final celebrities to dance. glad to see the "situation" gone. another one is margaret cho. these people are bad dancers. my vote is for BRANDY.


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