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'America's Next Top Model': The women fake it up

April 8, 2010 |  9:37 am

Americas-next-top-model-jessica-winner In this episode of “America’s Next Top Model,” the ladies have to fake chemistry with a male model, then they have to be fierce while portraying fake fabulousness.

The mail arrives and Anslee gets a letter from her daughter that makes her cry. After being in the bottom two in the last episode, she realizes that there’s a good possibility she left her family only to come home with nothing. I see her point, but obviously no risk, no reward. And why is it that we’re always reminded that Anslee is a mom? Aren’t there other mothers in the bunch?

Tyra male!
In this episode’s first challenge, Miss J. Alexander told the women that after last week’s vampire shoot, it was clear they had to work on relating to a male model. So, each of them were to get on a tram to speak to a guy who would potentially be their male co-model. The male model ended up being Nigel Barker in all his fine-ness.

Angelea was just awkward and she did her happy / hammer dance for Nigel, which was just strange. Angelea, you hurt him. Tatianna acted like she was too cool for school and then made fun of his Brit style, which left Nigel squirming. Anslee impressed him by just talking to him about her daughter and being a mom (surprise!). And I know Jessica did not put her leg on Mr. Nigel Barker and caress his head. Oh, and ask him to take his pants off for a nude shoot. Maybe, Miss J. wasn’t clear that these women were meeting a co-worker for the first time. No. I’m pretty sure Miss J. was pretty clear about that.

Chemistry class
Later, Nigel and Seventeen magazine’s Anne Shoket meet the ladies in town and Nigel photographed them faking chemistry with comedian Ross Matthews (which I think was an excellent curve ball by the producers) with only five frames to get the shot. It was hard to tell which models did really well in this challenge, because of the angle of the camera we were watching it from. Jessica really redeemed herself, showing that her forcefulness from the previous challenge translated well on-set. Alexandra wasn’t aware of how her body looked while posing. Then, oh my God, Angelea put her leg over Ross’ shoulder and gave Nigel and the people on the street a little peep show. What was she thinking? I love how Nigel begrudgingly took the picture so she’d stop and move on. Jessica ended up winning the challenge and getting a pair of diamond earrings. Since Alasia was the last challenge winner, she also received a ring, which I thought was more fabulous than the earrings, but what do I know about women’s jewelry?

Your fab fake Fendi is criminal
Americas-next-top-model-tatianna-loser The women meet up with Miss J. and Mr. Jay on Canal Street, which is famous for its street vendors who sell knock-offs of designer brands. But first, they’re treated to a Razzy-winning sketch, which ends with Miss J. getting caught by an undercover policeman, who ends up being their photographer, DJ D-Nice. Jay then tells them that the fashion industry loses about $9.2 billion a year from the sale of designer knock-offs. I love how Raina mouthed dramatically, “Oh, no.” Give that girl a fake Fendi. In this photo shoot, the girls will be made to represent all that is fake from head to toe. I thought this was the most imaginative look we’ve seen so far – a little Harajuko girl, but I’m not mad at them.

Jessica rocked this shoot by really being active and lively. On the other side of the spectrum sat Alexandra, who just seemed lifeless. Also, Tatianna was all about her hands, which made everyone wonder why she wasn’t using the rest of her body. I really enjoyed Angelea’s poses. She definitely felt fierce and at home with all the fake designer stuff. Just sayin’. And, Anslee started the day with some baby-mama drama and cried off and on all day. During the shoot, though, she really didn’t let it show as much as I thought she would. And for all my ribbing of her for talking about being a mother so much, I thought that was commendable.

Pat Cleveland, Tyra’s former agent and a former supermodel herself, joined the judges’ panel. They loved that Jessica was the only one to get her feet off the ground and awarded her the winning photo of the week. I’m not surprised that the bottom two women were Tatianna and Alexandra. Tyra said that Tatianna doesn’t have the skills she should have at this point and constantly lucks out with one amazing photo. She told Alexandra that she has beautiful curves, but she doesn’t know how to use them in her shoots. So, who goes? Tyra isn’t about to risk another week on the girl who’s getting by on luck and she sends Tatianna packing.

My top three are still Jessica, Angelea and Raina.

How do you think the women did at fakin’ it?

— Jethro Nededog (follow me on Twitter @TheRealJethro)


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Photos: From top, Jessica's winning photo in this week's "America's Next Top Model." ; the photo that sent Tatianna home this week. Credit: Pottle Productions / The CW