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Should 'Twilight' fans stop posting photos of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in 'Breaking Dawn'?

April 1, 2011 |  4:36 pm

Don't take our movie stills, please.

Leaked images of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in sultry positions on the in-production "Breaking Dawn" have zinged around the Web faster than a vampire practicing Celerity.

Break But while the image sent fans into lupine delight (that's not it on the left, incidentally; the one here was given to The Times for a story in January), the creators behind the franchise were less enthused. The property's author, director, producer and studio got together to issue an unusually direct plea this afternoon.

"As some of you may know, pictures and screen grabs of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' as a work in progress have leaked on the Internet," began the statement, which was signed by author Stephenie Meyer, director Bill Condon, producer Wyck Godfrey and Summit.

It continued, "We are extremely proud of this film and also extremely heartbroken to see it out there at this stage.  The film and these images are not yet ready or in their proper context. They were illegally obtained and their early dissemination is deeply upsetting to the actors, the filmmakers and Summit who are working so hard to bring these movies to fruition to you in November 2011 and November 2012.

"Please, for those who are posting, stop. And please, though the temptation is high, don’t view or pass on these images. Wait for the film in its beautiful, finished entirety to thrill you."

It's a nice and justifiable plea, although the likelihood of some sites taking down the photo is about as likely as James' coven joining forces with the Cullens. And the image is probably not going to affect ticket sales much. Nor is it as if the images -- at least to our lay eyes -- offer any major revelations. [Update, 5:24 p.m.: Several readers note that a number of the images do reveal key plot points. We stand corrected.]

Still, it does highlight that too much fan interest can be a dangerous thing for a studio. And it raises the question of to what extent a fan not involved in the initial leak has a responsibility to refrain from posting and oohing over a photo.


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'Breaking Dawn' will wait until dusk

'Breaking Dawn' will be broken up (and feature a very large cast)

--Steven Zeitchik


Photo: A shot from "Breaking Dawn." Credit: Andrew Cooper / Summit Entertainment

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I have never understood why franchises like this with built mega-millions guaranteed , even if its crap, worry and complain so much about leaked production info. Everyone is is going to buy tickets for it 10 times. They will have already read the books 20 times. Your not going to surprise or thrill anyone anyless because of this stuff. Maybe they are worried about good scenes being cut after people have seen them and getting blamed for, but that can be prevented by making better editing decions, which in my opinion these movies need more of anyway.

If it was only those two pictures it wouldn't be so bad but there are like about 2 dozen pictures plus what appears to be a highly doubtful PG-13 sex scene.

It wasn't just a couple of pictures though. There were tons of screencaps and images that gave away very important plot points. Sure, fans have read the books, but the visuals are always a surprise, especially those new things we've been imagining for years. It was definitely a bit spoiled but at the same time fans are incredibly enthusiastic about this movie. Fans have complained about being let down before, now we won't hear much complaints ;).

On the other hand, it does take away from the experience to see things for the first time in a low quality screencap.

The initial hacking of the systems to retrieve the images and their ultimate release can and should be pursued on legal grounds by the studio. The plea to fans to "stop" sharing is perhaps heartfelt, but, the images are out there and there is nothing that can be done. As a fan of film, I find it rather disheartening that some are so desperate they will take anything, out of context or not. I personnally would want to see the final product as intended by the filmakers rather than some rough bits and pieces.

I don't think they should stop being posted. It's not like it is a whole scene and since they have been keeping the filming soooo tight under wraps, it is good for the fans to get something! It just makes everyone want to see the movie ever MORE. I'm sure a lot of fans thought because it was going to be a PG movie that it would miss a lot of the hot steamy parts that we all believe should be in the movie. SO IT IS ABOUT TIME WE SAW SOMETHING AND WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO KEEP THEM.

I really don't think a few photos are a big deal at all. Twilight fans are chomping at the bit, so why not throw a few bones ;) With that being said, one photo they would probably not want to get out would be Bella as a vampire.

It is disappointing to see the images from the movie. Yes, I took the bait and looked. Now I wish I had not. The "official" clip releases from previous Twilight movies totally destroyed the nuances of all the previous films. I basically saw the entire movie(s) before even entering the theatre.

What kind of employee does this sort of thing? In my profession, leaks of any kind are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

It's simple: copyright infringement and hacking someone's email is illegal. Why is it not ok to rob a bank but it's ok to steal intellectual property? The murky moral debate aside, it's a legal issue first and foremost and I'm dumbfounded so many just don't get it. A lot of fans are justifying it because they hate Summit and think it'll only help the film. That's like saying it's ok for me to rob a bank and then give the money to the Red Cross, worthy cause and all that. The results don't justify the means. I hope they nail the person responsible to the wall.

It sucks that someone would go out of their way to leak these pictures, but as a fan...I'm not complaining! I'll admit it, I saw them, but I've also been waiting for 10 months with little acknowledgement from Summit about this film. It's not like Twilight, New Moon, or even Eclipse. I mean, are they even trying to keep their audience? For a while there, as a fan, I was getting turned off from the Twilight buzz and finding other things to keep me occupied because the world was completely shut out from the filming process. These pics at least keep me wanting more, which is better than keeping me from backing off, no?

I like everyone's comments on here about the BD leaked photos and video... Nice dialoged and interaction... But I know I didn't leak the pictures, so the question is really, "what extent a fan not involved in the initial leak has a responsibility to refrain from posting and oohing over a photo."? Great question!
Yes the person who actually did the taking and leaking should be punished...What they did was a crime!
I feel Summits statement of," hay don't look" just made half a billion of us go look and look some more. That's big business you know. Summit is not into making movies for the art of it. Its big money, huge money; they just made billions today most likely off of all of us who will buy more souvenirs and see the movie 14 times instead of 10. I know when I saw the pic's if I had been standing near anything that said Twilight on it I would have bought it on the stop... Cha ching...
Plus the paparazzi have given us a lot of BD seek peek before these ones why not complain about those pics? Why not pull all those youtube videos as well? We honestly don't know how they will cut and edit the movies, so we might not ever see these again or we just might.
Summit should have just quietly pulled the pic's from youtube and such and kept their mouth shut. When someone yells, "oh my goodness a naked man/woman come look." Do any of us say, "Oh no, no I can't " and walk away? Heck no! Nine out of ten times most of us go look and then say, "why did you make me look?" Yeah Summit just added to the buzz and hype and they know it, they all know it.
Personally it's all called self control. I'm mad at the person who felt the need to steal to begin with, but we all don't have to look or repost. Although, when someone say Twilight and then says don't look; well that's like asking a river to run backwards. However we all can do self control. I personally think it's silly for Summit to put out a statement like they did telling us how hurt everyone is and how this is why Midnight Sun won't be finished. Oh so they trust the wrong people and it's our fault??! Their just fanning the fire anyway.
How do we know for sure Summit didn't leak these pic's themselves? How does a persons get that close to the film and Summit not know who did it? Come on, working on a film like this should be like working at one of the Mints. Summit should know at all times who is doing what to what parts of the film and this person should be in jail by know right? Cause if its this easy to work on footage then sign me up. I wont leak a thing, but would love the job!
Stuff happens so now let's move on. We all can either share the pics and video or chose not to. It's up to us now to make what we feel is the right choice to live with. I won't judge anyone for their choice if I make a correct one for myself. :)

This is laughable!!

Wow! Summit are victims please. I think it's the other way around for the fans of this series. They have played so many games and now this? Isn't funny these stills are coming out around the same time Rob is doing press for WFE? Are they trying to steal his thunder by using these cheap tricks?

As someone who went to art school, I can definitly understand those involved with the movie being upset about the leaked photos. This is their work of art in progress and I would never want anyone to see my art work before it's finished. That said the person who leaked the photos should be prosecuted. I have seen the photos but won't look at them again. I had to take a look. It's like dangling a piece of raw meat infront of a hungry lion. What disturbs me the most is that when things like this happen it's the fans that ultimatly get blamed somehow. Not all of us are insane "Twihards" that stalk actors. I consider myself a Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fan. I love all of their movies but I do have a soft spot for Twilight. I for one will wait patiently for the movie to come out. I'm a mother of two small boys. It's my job to be patient.

Boring movies and boring showmance.

I find all these arguments really interesting. I agree that Summit should have removed the images and not made such a big deal out of everything. It won't hurt the sales at all, and they must know that. I think the person who leaked the images should be sued, but I can't help wondering at the timing. Water For Elephants is coming out soon, and there is a lot of publicity about it. Personally, I can't wait for WFE, more than Breaking Dawn. But it is interesting that the Breaking Dawn leak happened now. I can't help but wonder if Summit had something to do with it? Like, don't forget Breaking Dawn, we're here too . . .

There has been no mention of anyone being caught, like with Wiki leaks. It just all seems a bit odd to me, how someone could have such access and leak it? Why? For what purpose if not to garnish publicity. Especially if the movie will be toned down to PG13, then maybe these pics are a tease because the movie won't be quite so explicit, so see it now people. Just a thought. Michele.

I disagree with a lot of the posts saying that by seeing the stills may fans will be disappointed and less likely to see the movie. Just seeing the pictures made me even more excited about seeing the movie. I was in no way disappointed by the screen shots I saw. It was obvious that they were from the movie because of the green screens in the background and because of that I know that the pics I saw weren't in their final form making me more excited to see the finish product and get the full effect by seeing them all together in the full scenes when I see the film!!! Can't wait until November 18th!!!

People have been loosing interest. These pics are giving fans something to look forward to. There wasn't much shown any way. This is all a publicity stunt, since people have lost interest in Robert particularly. The production leaked these photo's themselves, you see bits and peaces enough to make you want to buy a ticket. It's actually brilliant on the production part. But if Rob doesn't change his ungreatful attitude towards his fans and the Saga, no one will spend the money to see the film. Robert constantly puts Edward and the Twilight saga down. That's not cool and he's lost alot of fans b/c of it. Summit should focus on the actors attitude towards the movies. Talk about bitting the hand that feeds you!

Yes they should out of respect for the actors and producers for everyone that has worked hard to give us a great movie

Given the proximity of the photos during filming, I highly doubt that they were leaked by a fan. Clearly, someone from the crew had access and leaked them. Maybe the fans and fan sites posted them, but perhaps the studio needs to do some internal investigating. I'm just saying......

The Leakage was wrong. No doubt about it.

It's unfair to the people who invested lots of time and lots of money into making a worthwhile film for the vision to be pre-empted this way.

Most importantly, it is a violation to the actors who reveal so much of themselves by putting their trust in the project and the producers of the film. When scenes are taken or shown out of the agreed context it is equivalent to releasing something without the actors consent and approval.

This issue is a concern, but I am sure that Summit will find a way to triumph over this tragic breach. Their formal appeal to the public to help in controlling the leak may seem futile to some, but in a way it was the smart thing to do. Who better to help Summit manage this, than the people who care as much about the project than they do-the fans.

Important to point out that the fans, as major stakeholders to the success of the Twilight franchise, can share in the responsibility of protecting this property. They can can impact the outcome of how this leakage goes down in history. They have the power to unite, come together and collectively help in making this right.

There were many comments and complaints on how little Summit has revealed to the fans in the last couple of months. Perhaps the question is not what Summit can do for the fans, but what the fans can do to help Summit succeed in producing a movie that we can all be proud of.

Point 1: Person who leaked the pictures is obviously in the wrong, no question.
Point 2: Highly doubt that leakage of BD pictures will affect sales of the movie, although from the pictures, PG13 rating seems improbable and if a lot of the sexy scenes will be edited out to get that, it will be disappointing and maybe Summit would bring in more $$$ if they make 2 versions a PG13 and R-rated.
Point 3: Summit knows the majority of Twilight fans are eager teens who are impatient to see any glimpse of BD til Nov, Summit should have released monthly pictures to assuage and further encourage the fan's enthusiasm for BD

It does look like a publicity stunt by the film to ride on the back of Pattinson's raised pr because of Water for Elephants.

I have to admit, I looked at all the pics and watched the video. Some of the pics were very sexy. The video of Edward having sex with Bella was almost the equivalent of soft porn. It was very, very hot and sexy. I don't see how it can make it in to a PG-13 movie. I can definitely understand why Summit is upset. The reality is, it stoked the desire in most of us Twifans, and maybe even people who are not fans, to want to watch the films even more. I feel for the actors possible embarrassment over the pics and especially the video, more than for Summit's anger. Summit will be making even more money than before. I'm not saying this is ethical, but it's just the way it is.

The leaked photos reenergized people about the Twilight franchise. They did not detract at all. It has been so long since Eclipse, interest was waning fast, especially with the movie WFE coming out to give us an RP fix. Google announces last week that RP was no longer in the top of the searches, twilight sites are not getting as many hits, Eclipse is shunned from the Kids Choice Awards, and who knows how the MTV awards are stacking up, add all that up and I'm questioning if these were leaked at all, or if it did exactly what was known to happen if fresh material was presented, Twilight frenzy once again. Could this have been carefully calculated release of confidential material? After all, the things that were leaked were the most commented about by fans on how the movie would film these scenes. It has made people more confident on the production of the film, and made fans look forward to the movie even more....this is bad how?

@filmfan2000, I also wondered about the timeliness of when these photos were leaked. Robert has a major film coming out,Water For Elephants, and is unintentionally taking the focus off of Breaking Dawn, at present. I tend to believe the photos and video were leaked on purpose. I saw the pics and video, and they are overtly sexual. I think Summit will bring in even more revenue due to the release of the photos and video. And Courtney, Robert Pattinson has not mocked the Twilight franchise or his character, Edward. The frustration he has expressed is that it's limited, for they time being, the types of roles he can play. He made a film last year, Bel Ami, but at present there has been pressure on the production company of Bel Ami to postone releasing the film. There oncerns that because the character Robert portrays in Bel Ami is basically a male whore, that it may damage the Twilight franchise. I can understand Robert's frustration, particularly because the restraints he's under in regards to the making of other films. The only other real complaint Robert expressed is the invasion of his privacy, the most recent being someone hacked into his email. He then stated that the price of fame far outways the drawbacks.

Of course fans should stop reposting them, they're stolen. But they won't because they're greedy, just like Summit. The Twilight fandom doesn't care who gets hurt as long as they get fed. The actors and filmmakers are the ones who suffer when raw footage is leaked but the selfish fans don't respect them, so they don't care. I will be so glad when the last film is released and it's all over and everyone can move on to better things. Or other lame adaptations for a big paycheck, such as the case may be (Snow White, I'm looking at you).

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