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L.A. Times Young Hollywood Roundtable: Adjusting to fame

November 9, 2010 | 11:08 am

On the red carpet, actress Carey Mulligan always seems so poised. Her secret?

"I learned something this year, which is if you have a martini before you do red carpets, that's a very good idea," she joked Friday at the Egyptian, where she sat alongside Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg on a Young Hollywood Roundtable moderated by Los Angeles Times entertainment writer Amy Kaufman.

Of course, it was only a year ago that Mulligan first became the subject of intense media attention during awards season, which culminated with her earning a lead actress nomination at the Academy Awards for her role in "An Education."

"Last year, I was just horribly nervous all the time," she admitted. "And those banks of photographers. I literally weep by the end of it."

What's helped ease the anxiety of such situations, she said, is bringing her family along to the ritzy events.

"If you bring your family and you see it through their eyes -- we went to the Oscars, and my brother was in the car with me, and he was, like, hopping, he was so excited," she said, "because all of the policemen had enormous guns, and they were checking all of the cars for bombs."

Still, the 25-year-old insisted that having "Academy Award nominee" before her name hadn't really affected her career -- though it is pretty cool.

"It's really cool, first of all, when you see it in the trailer," she said. "It is kind of cool. But no, it doesn’t change anything. ... The offers don’t roll in, and you still have to audition and fight for the jobs that you want and get disappointed and it’s the same deal, really. You just get a little bit more access to cool people, but it’s the same."

Check back for a final clip from the event on Wednesday.


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