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L.A. Times Young Hollywood Roundtable: Jesse Eisenberg gets feedback

November 7, 2010 |  3:01 pm

It's no secret that Facebook has not been a big supporter of "The Social Network," the hit fall film that centers on the controversial founding years of the company. Jesse Eisenberg, who played Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg in the movie, tried to meet the terse tech whiz but was rebuffed.

During a roundtable Friday at the Egyptian Theatre with three of Young Hollywood's brightest talents -- Eisenberg, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield -- Los Angeles Times entertainment writer Amy Kaufman asked the actor if he'd heard from anyone at Facebook since the movie's release. 

Eisenberg, who has a cousin who works at the social-networking site, verified a report that Zuckerberg had rented out a movie theater so the company's employees could view the film. Afterward, Eisenberg said, Zuckerberg treated the staff to a round of appletinis at a bar (it was the favored cocktail in the movie), deeming it the "new drink of Facebook."

But perhaps more surprising was a message that Eisenberg's cousin relayed to the actor from Zuckerberg. 

"He wanted to say that he liked the parts he thought the movie got right, and he wanted to say that I did a nice job," Eisenberg said.

Of course, the self-critical actor took the compliment with a grain of salt, saying he felt "terrible" that Zuckerberg felt he had to be "diplomatic" about his response to the film.

"I realized how uncomfortable this must be for him," the actor said.  

Check back Monday for more excerpts from the event.


L.A. Times Young Hollywood Roundtable: Getting into character

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Good movie. Timberlake darn near steals the show. Rooney Mara sure is cute.

Eisenberg is a top quality actor. I hope to see him a lot more of him!

Was an instant fan of Jesse even though I haven't seen him in anything before. Hope to see him in bigger films, he deserves to be a bona fide movie star.


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