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Ted Williams living in a sober house in L.A., calls rehab decision 'rushed'

Where did Ted Williams get to? You know, Ted Williams, the once-homeless man with the golden voice who rose to instant fame and then bailed on Dr. Phil-inspired rehab after less than two weeks, dropping off the national radar almost as quickly as he hit it?

Ted Williams Turns out he's now in a sober-living house, working to find his place in the L.A. voice-over community, he said Wednesday in an interview on "The Early Show." (You can watch the interview here.)

Appearing calmer and more put together than in his appearances on that show and others in the whirlwind of his instant fame, Williams explained why he so quickly left live-in rehab in Texas -- a situation into which he said he was probably "very rushed."

"I love Dr. Phil [McGraw] ... his concern and his caring," Williams said. "But I felt scripted. I was doing live phone-ins from rehab." He said he'd never heard of such a thing -- checking in long distance about how he was doing while others were in classes.

"I was told by some people from the voice-over community in Los Angeles that they have a clean-living sober house," he said. "That's where I'm living now." He said he can come and go but has to check in and give samples for testing.

With all the opportunities showered upon him, Williams said, it was a challenge to keep a level head and "possibly come to one decision."

"The weight of the world was on my shoulders," he said, with people in airports and elsewhere shouting, "Hey, Ted, we're rooting for you" and "Hey, Ted, don't let us down."

He said this time around, he wants to focus on a charitable foundation he's established in Columbus, Ohio.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Ted Williams in New York on Jan. 6, 2011. Credit: Richard Drew / Associated Press



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I believe Mr Williams is doing things at his own pace WE THE PUBLIC need NOT judge, ridicule, chastise or assume that he lot his second chance. For him to have listen and or read WE THE PUBLIC be so judgmental and ridiculing must have been so overwhelming and stressful. It is important to remember that for a substance abuser like Mr Williams needs support from friends and family. As Mr Williams said in the interview this morning he felt the world was on his shoulders people would approach him giving well wishes then tuen around and say don't let us down. This kind of comment I believe was NOT the encouragement he needed.

I also saw a YouTube Video where he was approached by a fan and she said how proud she was and then in the same breath told him stay sober now. Like the Gentlemen he is said yes ma'am I will.

Now if it where me I'd told her "well ma'am after this I'm gonna go back to my hotel and get drunk until I see double" now can you mind ya' BIZINESS! Now that's just me.

So with that I would like to give Mr Williams a BIG thumbs up! Handle Yo' BUZINESS! Take care of you your family and your Health! Oh you look really nice in your suit your glasses and teeth look great too! Can't wait to hear your Golden Voice again!

I am rooting for Mr. Williams and with all the negativity about his situation people need to be more understanding and supportive of him. Don't judge him he's doing hte best he can. He needs to be supported not judged.

Sometimes drinking becomes a means to quench the burning inside us left by the cruel words of others. But its just a temporary fix. I dont drink much anymore since I realized that a lot of people, even the people near and dear, are really hard on me to make themselves feel better. Ted, I hope you realize that when other people are bad to you and have made you feel like less of a person, it is their own insecurities that are showing. A good person will pull you up, tell you that they love you and dust you off. I hope that god gives you one person, one friend, who will do just that for you, and who will fill the hole in your soul that you now fill with alcohol. God believes in you, and has given you a one time chance to get out of your old life and start fresh. You can make this happen...but do it because YOU want to. And if people are negative to you, you make sure you tell them what I said to you. Because I know I am right :) If they get snotty, dont answer the phone or the door. You dont need people like that in your life when you are working to get better. Bless you and be strong...

I am rooting for you Ted, praying and believing in your success. We have all made hugh mistakes in our lives and need redemption. You have been made into the posture child for the homeless community, which put's even more pressure on you. If you feel like slipping, please go back to rehab and get help, there is no shame in slipping. The shame is in when we don't get up! We are proud of you and want you to do good! I pray for healing for you and your family. I also hope that this story put a new light on the homeless communities, and people will reach out to help them. God bless you and your family! (*.*)

People do need to back off this man, and let him pursue a career he loves.

We will never know if he planned to be discovered like he did, but I doubt it.

The guy is a humble voice talent. "Judge and let thy face judgment" is how I see it.

I wish him the best of health from NYC,

Ted..if you are reading this..remember it's no ones concern but yours..if you want to get your swerve on...get your swerve on..just keep it together if possible...no more doing mock radio station positioning liners for the peeps trapped on the on ramp..

I like the guy and I hope he succeeds in turning his life around

Praying and pulling for you Ted, as "with God ALL things are possible", look to Him and you'll make it despite what the nay-sayers think. "There but for the grace of God go us ALL". You can do it with 'His' help. Take care Ted.

I am pulling for you Ted Williams. I think you can do it. I was afraid that you were thrown in the spotlight with way to much attention, many pulling for you and many wanting you to fail. Dr. Phil is a great man, but I think he added to the circus and was looking for rating. Do what you must to get better. You don't need the spotlight. Just clean up and get a great job you love where you can show case that beautiful golden voice of yours. God Bless you.

Ted REMEMBER THAT YOU CANNOT FOOL GOD you have a second chance please take advantage of it, so many people do not get that second chance

Ted we are praying for you!

i think ted sounds like o.j. simpson

This man has been through alot, and needs help. Certainly he has done alot of bad things, haven't we all? Addiction is a bad thing, you have not walked in his shoes. Instead of putting him down, lift him up, and his family We all deserve a second chance. God luck and God Bless You, Ted.

Ted was rushed and was quite happy with his life before Dr Phil cornered him on his show( I LOVE DR. P, but that was for ratings or just too much)
I do wish mr W all the best, I hope he chooses to stay clean, and I do believe it's a CHOICE

American society loves to throw blankets, teddy bears and use the applause meter when told to do so in order to make themselves feel smug about being a do-gooder. Let's face it, this guy does have a great radio voice and was given another, and I repeat another break to make it in society. Calm down everyone with your Oprah moments, Ted has abandoned his kids, his job, his Mother and society for the glory of drugs and addiction. It's not a disease so shut up with that, it's a damn choice, then another choice, then another choice. Get it ?! He chose crack, paint, meth whatever numbed him from responsibility and now the Dr. Phil audience bandwagon opens up their National Enquirer and searches the TMZ spot on ' Where's Ted '. He's doing Rehab for the viewers but will end up back on crack. Many waste their talents each day of life. Face up to it and get on with your own life.

I will not patronize anyone who hires Ted Williams. He is a DESPICABLE PIECE OF GARBAGE, ALCOHOLIC and DRUG ADDICT. I can't believe this low life whined that his daughter hit him. She should have finished him off and left him in a dumpster.

I must say there is something special about Mr Ted William. He just seem as a well likable person like myself. Ted just have to keep the faith, stay strong and try to stay away from the negativity. I think he just need to drive on and continue to do his best and try to touch other people heart and say if I can do you can to. ( TRUE - Everyone deserve a second chance in life)

Where there is life!
There is love.....
Bless be Mr Williams

Stef~ in Alaska

For those of you who have never hooked on drugs or booze, you don't know what you would do, who you would forsake, or who you would sell out! We all have done things we are not proud of. People deserve a second chance! Ted Williams needs to heal himself before he can help any one!

Seriously anyone talking about god on a gossip website is truly misguided

I often think of how your life changed in an instant, and I now believe in second chances. I wish you the best, and I know you will stay strong in your faith!

Good Luck Ted!


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