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Ted Williams leaves rehab after less than two weeks

Ted Williams leaves rehab Ted Williams, the homeless man whose "golden voice" made him an instant celebrity, has reportedly left a rehab facility in Texas less than two weeks after checking in.

Williams left Origins Recovery Center in South Padre Island and headed for the airport, TMZ said Monday, adding that Williams' girlfriend is in rehab in Costa Mesa. No details were given about where Williams was headed. On the way to rehab, with a physician as a chaperone, he'd swung through Ohio to visit with his grandchildren.

"Ted was given the chance to voluntarily enter a drug rehabilitation facility in order to help him in dealing with his dependency on drugs and alcohol," Dr. Phil McGraw said in a statement. "In that it is voluntary, the decision to remain in treatment is Ted's to make."

McGraw hooked Williams up with Origins after the Ohio man went from homeless to Hollywood in a matter of days. A reporter's roadside video of Williams went viral, earning him the spotlight, a family reunion and a few job offers. The fairy tale took a turn for the worse when Williams and one of his daughters got into a fight that wound up with both of them at the police department, chilling out. No charges were filed, and Williams headed to rehab shortly after taping episodes of "Dr. Phil."

Williams entered Origins on Jan. 13, TMZ said; his expenses -- reportedly $49,000 for three months -- were covered, though the deep pockets were not Dr. Phil's. His departure apparently was against doctor's orders.

"We certainly hope that he continues his commitment to sobriety, and we will continue to help and support him in any way that we can," McGraw said Monday, according to CNN.

Talk show host Chelsea Handler wrote Tuesday that she was "not surprised."

"While there are certainly a few people who have a run of bad luck and fall on hard times, for the most part, people are homeless for a reason," Handler said on her blog. "You don't wake up one day and find yourself living under a freeway unless you've made some pretty bad decisions in your life.

"Just because someone has a nice voice doesn't mean that they should automatically be able to keep their [act] together."


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Ted Williams in New York on Jan. 6, 2011. Credit: Richard Drew / Associated Press

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We all hope for him, we all want to believe his life is going to be turned around. God helps them who help themselves...buck up Ted and live up to what God and your family gave you to be a stand-up guy and father in this life; otherwise you just remain the stereo-type of all down and outs. Be strong and show us what you got!

Only time will tell. I was hoping that his going to rehab was his opportunity to lay low and get his life on track. I truly pray he will indeed take this second chance and straighten things up. I also pray he doesn't throw everything away just as quickly as he gained it...

Many blessings..... we only want the best for him there are so many like him but not with the talent thanks to all for opening our eyes regarding this situation maybe more can learn from it.

Chelsea is truly as dumb as she sounds. While I dont agree with Williams leaving rehab, you should not make such a narrow minded statement. I have met many homeless folks in my life and many of them got into that situation due to unforseeable circumstances ie calamities with no alcohol or drug involvement. Many of them have gone back to successful lives and careers. Just because you cannot be humble or sympathize with "the homeless" doesn't mean you should open your mouth, les't you go through "some hell" that a lot of people would criticize you for - in essence, doing exactly what you are doing today - generalizing the homeless. Good riddens! Never watched you before and I'll stick with my Oprah.

you cannot lead an alcoholic to treatment. they have to want it and believe that they have no other options...as long as they have a plan, they will stay "out there."

Ted Williams should be let go, no more job offers, no more money, and no more publicity. He is a very selfish man. He was given a chance most people only dream of and he is too selfish to do his part to remain sober. There are too many people who have went to college and are working hard and hope and pray they will eventually get the chance Ted Williams has. Give him back to the streets because that is where he really wants to be.

It takes more than one trip to rehab for someone to give up a lifetime habit of alcoholism.

I watched the episode with Dr. Phil where Ted was offered going straight to rehab from the show. I saw the look in his eyes and have felt exactly as he did at that moment. It was crystal clear and it took me back. Back to a place that I never want to be again but must never forget.
Ted is not ready. He has not reached that jumping off place that people like us have to reach, where it is either change or die.
I will pray for you Ted and leave you with just three words that saved my life....... there is hope.

Why was Dr. ? Phil so interested in TED when there are thousands of homeless people. I wander, could it be ratings ? plus fame for Phil. I think Ted showed him total respect and always called him Mr. phil.I think Dr. phil payed him to come on his show then ambushed him to make himself look like he is such an authority. Ted is not a kid or a puppet for dr. Phil. If I had been on his show I would have walked out from being humiliated in front of millions.

I am surprised how DR. PHIL  cut him down on his past, Dr. Phil ambushed him and showed no respect for Ted and Ted adressed him as Mr. PHIL. I  think DR. PHIL  used Ted to boost his own interests.

I hope DR PHIL is finished with this jerk !!! Ted Williams did not have enough respect for Dr Phil to stay at the dentist appointment that Dr Phil arranged and he always has excuses as to why he can't do what he is supposed to do. He was a deadbeat dad and husband, a low life drug addict and alcoholic.. All he wants to do is drink and get high.

Re: Ted Williams; he really is a Loser. OWN should bill him for the $49K.
Its time he was actually held accountable for his errant behavior, hurtfull lies crimes and the abuse of others.

Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG with a gentle reminder that in general we don't publish comments that include links.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


When the hand vote for success or failure for Ted Williams, I sided with the failure portion of the audience. Dr. Phil had good intentions but Williams was not committed to the idea of rehab. Rehab will only work when the person is self-motivated.

Good for Dr. Phil for trying but the timing was not on Williams schedule.

I think that Dr. Phil did try to help Ted Williams, but it's up to Ted to get the help he needs when he's ready. I have learned that people can try to help you, but you have to want to help yourself. I pray that Ted makes better decisions in life. A lot of people wish they had the opportunity to get a second chance like Ted Williams; especially those felons that really have turned their life around. I will keep him in my prayers because he needs people praying for him.

I have been in treatment a few times.....he is NOT going to make it...too sad

I myself 3 times in treatment know the stuggles of comleting 28 days, my last treatment was for 8 months, we should not knock him down we need to support him this illness is a deadly diease and will claim his life if not taken care of. He became an instant celeberity but was still an addict, hopefully these doors for him to clean up are still open because he needs support not bashed in the media, there are plenty of addics ot there and we dont bat an eye so help him or let him alone..

Just as there was a Transition to get into his dark place. So there is a transition to get out. Even though his Heart wants to, his mind needs time to retrain to the normal life he wants to have. Don't give up! Keep at it. The opportunities came too sudden, new ones will be there. The door has been opened out of your dark place keep coming out. Soon you will get used to the light. It takes some work and adjusting on your part Ted. All the Best...

I hope his g'friend kathy is doing all right. My opinion tells me she's the real victim.

Chelsa is a dumb ass who should be homeless.

I can related to you, Ted. God handed me a Blessing over night. I to fell, but I got up and you can too. You only get one chance. Be an example. I am pulling for you. If I can do it you can too. You got to really want it.

Had him pegged all along!..He is a con man and a liar. Never had any intention to go clean...played everyone for a fool...DR Phil, you seem to pick losers, Ted w , alexandra ETC...HELP SOME DOWN AND OUTR GUY WHO WILL BLESS YOU FOREVER FOR YOUR HELP, NOT THESE USERS.

It's disturbing to watch trhem continue on their destructiver path andkeep being made 'celebrities'...and making money from it...

Of course he dropped out of rehab. What a pathetic loser. And nobody seems to care that he just left nine kids in the lurch.

I will continue praying for you Ted. Dr Phil.. you are awesome. I just wanted to say that I am married to the greatest 65 year old recovering alcoholic ever. He has been sober and drug free for almost 20 years now. The beginning of his recovery was not easy. He did it with AA and an awesome sponsor.
Yes Ted.. I will continue to pray for you. You WILL come out on top just as soon as you take that first step. God Bless you Ted, and God Bless you Dr.Phil for all you do.

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