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Kevin Spacey addresses gay rumors: 'I don't live a lie'

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Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey neither confirmed nor denied rumors about his sexuality in an interview with the Daily Beast about his new film, "Casino Jack." He did, however, make it very clear where he stands on having a private life.

"We gay men have always proudly claimed you as a member of our tribe," writer Kevin Sessums asked the actor, "and yet you don't proudly claim us back. Why?"

"Look, I might have lived in England for the last several years but I'm still an American citizen and I have not given up my right to privacy," replied Spacey, who since 2003 has served as artistic director of the Old Vic theater in London. 

Spacey was nominated Tuesday for a best actor Golden Globe Award for his "Casino Jack" portrayal of disgraced (and incarcerated) GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff. "Jack is very much the sun in this world, and Spacey its caustic center," Times critic Betsy Sharkey said Friday in her review of the film, which premiered in November at AFI Fest in L.A.

"I don't live a lie," the actor told the Daily Beast. "You have to understand that people who choose not to discuss their personal lives are not living a lie. That is a presumption that people jump to."

After going back and forth on private versus public versus political, and being praised by Sessums for keeping the whole interview on the record, Spacey hit the Ministry where we live.

"No one's personal life is in the public interest. It's gossip, bottom line. End of story. Now some people feed that.... But if you don't want to feed that and you want your life to be based around what your work is, then it ends there."

Yes, Kevin, you do rule.

Click here to read Sharkey's review of "Casino Jack," which opened Friday.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Actor Kevin Spacey in New York on Nov. 16, 2010. Credit: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times


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who cares......he is an amazing actor..cyzar sozay!!!!!

These rampant "gay" accusations are really starting to smell like the McCarthy era of sniffing out suspected communists. The two are starting to blur...

Totally rude, and insulting to offend such a great actor as Kevin, how dare you LA Times for putting this online. Next you will want to know if he stands up or sits down at the toilet. Get a grip! I'm sorry he gave a reply. This is down right dirty, .. Sexuality is private it's certainly none of yours or my business.

Please check your facts before talking: Kevin Spacey did deny being gay, several times. See the Wikipedia.

This kind of tabloid crap would have never been published during the Chandler's ownership (at least in the last 40 years of their control) The Tribune people have summarily destroyed the LA Times. I still loathe the fact that the Calender section has been replaced by this generic "Entertainment" label.


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