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PREACH IT! Aaron Carter edition, now with 30 percent more photos of desiccated celebrity flesh!

Aaron-carter Now that you’ve flossed your brain clean of that Rolling Stone cover -- you know, "True Blood" vampires, AB-negative wardrobe -- we bring you another entry in our Hot or Gross? category.

Behold, for you we give you former kiddie pop singer Aaron Carter, little brother of Backstreet Boy Nick. Carter posted a shirtless pic of himself via Twitter. We commend him for having a torso so ropey it could rustle up a good dozen head of cattle if it were knotted up proper.

(For a while there we thought we might actually be looking at Vanilla Ice after a few weeks packed in kosher salt, but that’s what proper reporting is all about.)

Next week: Close-ups of Sarah Jessica Parker’s man hands, with a special cameo by Madonna’s forearms!

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Aaron Carter says, "I've been at Johnny Wright's compound working on my mind, music, and body for a new album release!" Credit: Aaron Carter via Plixi

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Well, I don't find Aaron hot or gross. He's a kid - 3 years younger than my youngest son...


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