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PREACH IT! The stars of 'True Blood': Not hot, not gross, just tired [poll]

August 17, 2010 |  3:02 pm
RS-true-blood-cover We really don’t like creating new categories here at the Ministry of Gossip. We already have like 8 million, including Mysterious Mysteries, You’re Welcome, Dept. of Working on My Fitness, and Single Ladies. Still, this photo is a clear indication that we need another category.

Welcome to the first edition of Hot or Gross!

Is this "Rolling Stone" cover hot or gross?

You kids will get your chance to vote in a minute; maybe we’ll even get Ryan Seacrest in here to say that. Meantime, here’s our vote:


For one, enough with the naked Rolling Stone covers. It got tired the second that Jennifer Aniston did it. Or, wait, maybe when the Chili Peppers did it. Or, no, wait. Maybe when Pam and Tommy did it, when there still was and Pam and Tommy.

Or, no: When John and Yoko did it back in 1968.

Second, we see these three people covered in blood every week. What would really be shocking?

Seeing them newly showered and digging into a plate of carrots.

Finally: What, no naked Alcide?

Right, he's no David Cassidy.

OK, now it’s your turn.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo credit: Rolling Stone