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Lindsay Lohan, E-Trade settle milkaholic baby lawsuit [poll]


Lilo-eye-roll The $100-million lawsuit Lindsay Lohan filed against E-Trade Bank over its 2010 Super Bowl commercial referencing "that milkaholic Lindsay" has — for lack of more mature description — gone bye bye.

Don't know the ad we're talking about? Why, there it is above, presented for your viewing pleasure.

According to a court document obtained by Radar Online, the suit was withdrawn with prejudice on Monday. Lohan had filed the suit in March, at which time the Hollywood Reporter had some amusing theories as to why she'd bothered. This was right after Ungaro dumped her but before she started missing depositions in a civil case related to one of her 2007 DUI arrests.

The document reflects no costs or fees assigned to either party, but an unnamed source told TMZ that the actress made some money out of the deal.

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan in court on July 20. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed these commercials from the very beginning.

Never ONCE did Lindsay come to mind when I saw this for the first time.
Never once did she come to mind AFTER she tried to sue and the commercial continued to air.

There is nothing about cute babies that even remotely reminds me of Lohan.

Lindsay is such a common girl's name now--why would she think E-Trade was out to parody her self-destruction? Here's some advice Ms Lohan: stop suing people and stay in rehab please. Now if the line was "Was that Coke-a-holic Paris over last night?" Then E-Trade might have a problem. LOL

Lindsay is NOT in the bad public image pool because she was drinking too much milk. The commercial is just a promotion for Etrade and nothimg more. And it's totally cute.

...Lindsay Wagner considering jumping on this bandwagon so she can quit hocking sleep mattress beds...

I really dont think E-trade would want to be associated certain type of negative personalities.

The Real Lohan Story is her OCD Misdiagnosis, and the Prescription Drug Consequences (said the UCLA Medical Center)-- It's the Adderall Stimulant errantly prescribed to her for years thats causing her Problem. There is actually a national controversy whether Doctors have errantly prescribed this drug to tens of thousands. Non-OCD users develop a dependency on Adderal and try to substitute other stimulants when they are deprived of it.

It's basically like extreme nicotene addiction- hard to do without once hooked:)

How stupid that a judge let this case into court.
Now if I put together a baby stop for my photo studio and use either of the "forbidden words" are they going to lock me up?

Whats happen to freedom of speech?

I agree with some of the comments that are posted. I love the E-trade babies commercials as well. They really are not only cute but funny as well. Not at one time after watching the milkaholic commercial did Lindsay Lohan ever enter into my mind as well and Ive seen the milkaholic commercial a few times.

Just because u have a big head now with all ur bad habits and such the world is not revolving around u lindsey! build a bridge and get over urself!

Of course it was aimed at her. But who gives a rats ass. She brought the reputation on herself. I am so sick of rich stars complaining about life. Friggin' crybabies have no idea what real life is like. However, E-Trade was vague enough that if it weren't for Lindsay's constant DUI's and other run-ins with the law, no one would have put her face to the name.And it's not like the baby was really portraying any image of Lindsay, just that "Lindsay" seemed a suitable name for a "holic". Lindsay chose to engage in the behavior that would link the two. She needs to just grow the hell up already!


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