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Don't count on that Cher musical just yet


File this under "sad and untrue" -- looks like there's no Cher musical in the works. Yet.

The Ministry caught up with director Andy Fickman at the Hollywood premiere of his latest flick, "You Again," on Wednesday, where he addressed the rumored stage show he was said to be coordinating.

"There are things on the Internet that I read, and I'm like, 'Nobody told me,'" he said. "Literally, I was asked if Cher was an icon and I said, 'Of course she is!' But no plans for a musical [as of now]."

Fickman, who directs the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis and Kristen Bell in the revenge comedy, did speak on how he would portray the legend on stage.

"Even sitting in the audience, I would want that show to be about her life, and that incredible song catalog," Finkman said. 

Do you think Cher deserves the musical treatment? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Cher at the American Film Institute's tribute to Mike Nichols on June 11, 2010. Credit: Getty Images

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I am sure Cher does deserve a musical ... someday, when she isn't actually still creating her life and her career! She's not hanging up the stilettos quite yet.
What she should do is, after Burlesque, Vegas and the new album, is revive "Woman of the Year" on Broadway and get that Tony to go with her Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globes.
Just sayin.

She's looking suspiciously like Michael Jackson these days.


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