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Taylor Lautner sues over tricked-out star trailer


Can you imagine Taylor Lautner forced to do crunches and send text messages out in the open air on the set of his new film "Abduction"? The star says a pimped-out trailer wasn't delivered on time, making him mad enough to sue.

"The Twilight Saga" werewolf has sued McMahon's RV with breach of contract and fraud, according to court documents obtained by E! Online, for allegedly not delivering a $300,000 custom vehicle by June 21.

The lawsuit cites "displeasure, annoyance and emotional distress" experienced by Tay-Tay, and seeks damages to be proven in court, as well as unspecified punitive damages.

Calls to a Lautner rep and McMahon's RV were not immediately returned.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." Credit: Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment 

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why would someone sue a company for a late arrival on a vehicle for causing emotional distress?
i think someone is letting a little too many perks go to their head.

If I'd spent $300k on something and it was 2 months late, I'd be emotionally distressed too

Ooops. A bit too early in his tenure to be throwing this kind of fit.

Why don't you post something positive about Taylor like what a nice guy he is to his fans, instead you print something negative. We know Taylor is a good guy who would not wrong anyone, PERIOD!

@Gina -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

You might enjoy our Taylor Lautner category. It's not exactly harsh on the guy. :)



McMahons will promise you anything to close the sale, but when it comes time to deliver, its some other department's responsibility, and it WILL NEVER happen. Been there!!

You would never meet a more down to earth guy than Taylor... Something is not right about this story. Taylor is not spoiled or a wuss. just the opposite.

U pay 300 thousand. U would want it on time. Besides Taylor prob. Isn't the one who decided to sue. He has a maneger that spearhead his career. He's a cool guy. Aswell Hot.

He hasn't paid his dues enough to throw this kind of diva fit. He's ridden on the coattails of the Twilight principals for the last couple of years, and the first chance he gets to be in another movie, he's a spoiled brat. Typical entitled child star.


You see...when you get rich young you definitely lose ur freakin mind. Suing over an RV...what a jerk! Emotional distress my...!

THIS COUNTRY IS SUE CRAZY. Get a grip, life hands you some downs. Just suck it up, at least you got this trailer. So what, it was late. You sue because you can. God, and I'm a huge fanatic of Taylor lautner. This is just annoying. Your antics cause me emotional distress.
Why can't people just learn to be nice to eachother? It's all about revenge, money, and power. And it looks like you're right on board with it Taylor. Way to be a follower.

Why doesn't the young man take the money he's spending on lawyers and send it off to the flood victims in Pakistan or some other worthwhile cause...rather than puff his own, apparently quickly expanding, ego....

This is so absurd...where's Fellini when we need him?

Grow up. So much for integrity.


Lol "diva" should of given him a snickers.

People go off if their pizza delievery is late. I don't think any of you should open your mouths to say you wouldn't sue if you spent 300K on something and two months after the promised delivery, it still hasn't appeared. I'd have given them a week. Most of you haven't spent 300K on anything. This has nothing to do with being a diva. Its a business deal gone bad.

I'd be like buying your wedding dress and it never shows up, then three weeks post wedding your dress arrives. At that point you don't need the damn thing. Does that make you a diva? You pay for something and you expect to get it. He needed it for a movie that is now probably near finished. Lay off and find a real news story to write about. This is breach of contract, it's as simple as that.

Please spare this kid your judgments (I particularly like the comment invoking Fellini). Anyone who says he should just roll over in this scenario is either a hypocrite or a stooge.

I had a wedding cake that was late and I sued for my money back as well as the fee it cost me to file. If I spent $300K on and RV to use and it was late, I'd sue for my money back and for whatever money I had to spend because I had to have another trailer/room/whatever because the RV I ordered wasn't there. All of which would create "displeasure, annoyance, and emotional distress." The article also states that "... seeks damages to be proven in court as well as unspecified punitive damages." So, he's leaving it up to the court to determine the amounts.
And, really? The people calling him a diva wouldn't do the same if they spent that amount of money? It's only news because some media hound "obtained court documents" .. so, he didn't even actively seek publicity.. he's only exercising his rights. Get over it people.

does this news carry with it the implication that taylor is acting like a diva?
a breach is a breach and it is an actionable wrong. taylor is even mature for his age on taking such legal action. he knows his rights and making sure that it will not be defeated. what's wrong with that? nothing.

I think that waiting 2 months is extremely patient. I would assume that his people have been trying to work this out WITHOUT going to court all this time. It is not some frivolous "toy", this is his HOUSE. This is where he has decided to live, and call "home", when he is making movies. I do not think it is a "diva" for him to want to be able to use it.

As for "emotional distress". I can not imagine the life he lives with people following him around at all time. People camped out every, even the house that he is renting, some as bold to actually ring the door bell. That has got to be annoying, and all of that could have been prevented if this had actually arrived on time.

it wasnt just emotional distress bcuz it was late wen he got his trailer it wasnt safe to use and ther was other shiz rong with it too
i wud sue to if my trailer wasnt safe AND it came late jus cuz hes yung nd a star dnt mean its ok 2 screw him ovr

boo hoo i didnt get my $300,000 dollar trailer life so rough.i get up work two jobs just to make ends meet amd dont cry about nothing you have it rough. try to get up with hiv ,hep c and my other medical problems and make it boo hoo boo hoo lifes not fair haha


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