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Bristol Palin moves back in with Sarah Palin, calls off Levi Johnston engagement

Bristol-levi-split-again They sure can freeze you out fast in Alaska -- take it from Bristol Palin, who, in a matter of hours, called off her engagement to baby daddy Levi Johnston and has reportedly moved back in with her parents, Sarah and Todd Palin.

"It's over. I broke up with him,"  Bristol told People magazine on Monday. "I need a man who's going to be completely honest with me and someone who loves me and Tripp and wants to be with him all the time."

The ring is off, and Bristol has already decamped for the Palin compound with the aforementioned Tripp, the couple's 19-month-old son, says TMZ.

Johnston's manager Tank Jones told the outlet he feels the split was caused by "misinformation" -- likely referring to a recent story claiming Johnston impregnated an ex-girlfriend, which both Johnston and the girl in question have denied.

Jones went on to say that, in time, he believes the pair will reconcile. For now, Johnston will continue to co-parent Tripp and keep up with "financial obligations." 

Does this seem like it's a misunderstanding, or was this just doomed from the start? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston in happier times. Credit: Daniel Acker / Bloomberg News 

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I thought Bristol was working, going to school, and being a stellar mom with one hand tied behind her back? That's the image she blared to the world. Now she's run home to Daddy, and evidently, quit her job and her classes. The acorn doesn't fall far...well, you know.

If Sarah Palin and her family mirror America as many on the right tell us I am guessing something is wrong with American families.

This Bristol seems to be the silliest dim wit just like her mother the queen of mendacity and vapidness.. The whole family borders on the absurd. They are the laughing stock of any intelligent person.Would that we could house them all in an igloo on an iceberg sent out to sea with the poor polar bears Sarah so hates.


How do you know she quit her job and her classes? The article doesn't say that. And what is wrong with her moving in with her family while she is going through a rough time? Isn't that what families are for... to help one another when times are tough? You sound like someone who has nothing better to do than complain about people you don't know. Grow up!

OK, these 2 think they're mature enough to have and raise a baby yet their own personal lives play out like an episode of the Hills. Come on!!!! Grow up. You had a baby. No taking that back. Why not step up (both of you) to the responsibility that is not going to go away. Do they ever think about how this is going to affect their kid? I don't think so. They both seem like spoiled little brats who want to live their lives without a baby or commitment. Well, guess what? Too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who cares?

Well, I guess the Levi Camp didn't want to acknowledge that he does and says anything for the attention and money and that was why the engagement was called off as Bristol clearly stated.

She did not like his dishonesty and in claiming he was going to LAX for some hunting thing and Bristol later finding out it was to shoot a music video MOCKING her family.

Everyone has lost track of his lies, but attention and money for doing anything we all became familar with from Levi.

I got it, some one is supposed to care.


As the "Palin compound" is in Wasilla, and her job was in Anchorage, and she was living in a cozy condo, I assumed she wouldn't be commuting for class or work. If she is, more power to her.
As far as families, yes, families help each other. But Bristol made a point of moving away because she wanted to make it on her own, thus the job.
Whatever. You will never criticize the family, and I see little to admire about them.

Stupid, stupid girl Bristol is.

Levi has no plans to finish high school. He has no plans for a real job.

Levi obviously wanted to marry Bristol to get out from under child support payments, but oops....he had a pit stop with another teenager who is now pregnant.

I really hope that this "fool me twice" moment helps to wake Bristol up to the fact that Levi is simply a bum, and she needs to move on from the fantasy of a happily ever after with a deadbeat teen dad.

I'd like to know who planted the reported but never published Briana Plum blog? And could it be that the nasty MIL Scarah is behind some of it? Wonder what she had to threaten to get Bristol back from her freedom in ANchorage and the condo the kid was so proud of. Can't wait for the eventual tell all "Mommie Dearest" tome Bristol will eventually write. If I were Bristol, I wouldn't be spending too much time in the kitchen with Scarah, or eating much of her cooking.


Actually, the last I read, Bristol was taking her courses online, which means it wouldn't matter where she lived. So, just because she moved back to Wasilla doesn't mean she quit school. I was merely pointing out that you have no idea whether or not she quit school.

Actually, I have, at times, criticized Sarah Palin when I thought she was wrong. You don't know me, so don't assume that I am just some die-hard Palin supporter. However, I think it is tacky to spend your time criticizing a 19 year old girl. If you don't like Sarah Palin, fine. But why the hatefulness toward a young girl?

More tabloid 'journalism'.......and I don't even like the Palins !

The tire doesn't roll far from the mobile home....

I'm thinking that the 'reality show' is not getting any nibbles.

Boston Globe comments section seems to be non-working. They claim he went to H=wood to see a hunting show, but instead did a music video not too complimentary to the Palins.

Where is this kid getting the money to go to H-wood on a whim? Where is he gonna get the $$$ for child support? How STUPID is anyone that wants to screw him and might end up with a kid?

He's a coat-tail rider, Bristol is a reality show hopeful, and poor Mom is stuck in the limelight with a bunch of big dots on the lens.

Kind of unseemly to hold this young woman up to ridicule like this, don't you think?

@ Linda

Bristol put herself on the cover of a national magazine to announce her engagement. She is hardly an innocent being picked on by the media. She has been working the media. When one strives for that sort of celebrity, the fallout is part of the game.

And I wonder how much People paid her for that cover? She got coverage from two magazines on the "marriage". Both of these fools are in it for the fame, money and attention. Neither is an innocent bystander at all, just the poor kid who has them as parents.

Bristol + Levi = Losers (who are laughing all the way to the bank)

Yes, he's a bum . . . yehbut, so is Bristol. A whole family full of nothing but worthless bums.

Yes, Bob Malone you're right. The Palin family does reflect a "Majority" of all American families, not that they are just like yours. For each family is different, but oh my where do you live? Under a rock maybe. Something HAS been Wrongwith American families & will continue to be! This has nothing to do w/the Palins but with the selfishness & corruptness in America.

Who saw that coming?

On the up side, Kathy Griffin will be happy Levi's back on the market.

Did anyone really expect this not to happen? Knocking up Bristol was the best thing to ever happen to Levi, he got his nudie magazine shoot and his pistachio commercial but he has been out of the limelight for a while so he needed a publicity booster and this was it.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin needs to be kicked in the crotch. She has been all about being an "American Mommie" lately. She is all about conservative christian family values but she can't even help get her own daughter straightened out. She is all about abstinence (which is a good way (the best actually) to not get knocked up) but evidently abstinence isn't genetic. If Bristol let herself get pregnant on accident, do you really think she wanted to be the teenage mother and the laughing stock of the entire civilized world? I'm sure that if Bristol was allowed to think for herself she would have had an abortion. But then how would Mommy get more face time on Faux News?

Bristol is lucky she has a loving family and so many choices as she "grows up" during this difficult time. But does the Palin family have any concern about the many teens and young women whose parents are very poor or struggling to get by? They also get pregnant at inopportune times, except they may have no computer for online courses or trusted family to help out.

I don't begrudge the Palin family its privileges--just their smug lack of compassion and their unwillingness to put their political, economic, and moral capital on the line in order to argue for a decent social safety net.

I am so happy that Bristol Palin finally woke up AGAIN and has dumped that looser Levi Johnston. From the first moment I heard that they had gotten back together I knew it was a HUGE MISTAKE. The creep only latched onto the Pain coat tails again when he found that his careere as a hunk wasn't going to take off like he believe it would. So, now that Gov. Palin is making big bucks from her book sales and speaking engagements, he figured he'd hop on the gravy train and the best way to do that is to woo Bristol into taking him back. What a sleaze bag! I hope and pray that Bristol has learned her lesson where Levi Johnston is concerend, and other men in her future as well. What's wrong with going home again? She should never have left in the first place! Levi Johnston is a real smooth talker and I'm sure he read the handwriting on the wall when he decided to woo Bristol. Even if Gov. Palin hadn't been chosen as a V.P. nominee with John McCain and had stayed as governor of Alaska, that was probably gravy train enough for him. Again, what a sleaze! He's only out to get what he can for himself. Shame the baby looks so much like him! YUCK!

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