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Levi's rep promises 'full johnson' (Did he mean 'full Johnston'?)

October 30, 2009 |  7:48 am

Going down stairs Look, I'm really trying, here. Trying to put together a tasteful report on Levi Johnston, and the constantly evolving plans for his upcoming photo spread in Playgirl.

I'm trying especially hard because Levi told "The Early Show" on Thursday that he is "going to do it tastefully" -- and I want so much to take this young man at his word.

Problem is, my college roommates and I had a Playgirl subscription when we were freshmen, and I seem to recall there was nothing even remotely tasteful about it.

(Cut me some slack, please: I lived with members of the marching band.)

~~ shudder ~~

So, fine, go check out what Levi has to say about it at Or hit TMZ, where they quote Levi's rep as saying the Stud From the Frozen North will be going "full johnson."

Or bravely click ahead, because ...

We've got your full Johnson right here. And the full Monty as well.

No waiting. No slack. No junk. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: We very much do not like where this is headed. Credit: Christie D'Zurilla.