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Third alleged Mel Gibson tape goes public [poll]

Mel-gibson-on-set A third tape allegedly of Mel Gibson talking on the phone to ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was made public Tuesday courtesy of Radar Online, providing us with the plot points for today's episode of "The Rantings of an Angry Man."

No threats of violence in this one -- rather, there are threats to fire a household employee if she dares to work in the home of the lady rather than the gentleman. And yes, there's a different racial slur in this tape, referring to that employee.

"I will fire her and I will do it fast," the male voice says.

Through the bulk of the six minutes, the two argue about money and the woman's music career, with him saying all the money she has is his money, and her saying she has nothing and isn't a gold digger.

"You've made me moneyless," she says. "I used to have $100,000 a year when you met me. You took me, you possessed me, everything I am you [unclear: owe or own] me with my liver and my kidneys and my thoughts and my soul, everything, and my career, whatever it is, pathetic career, whatever it is, is yours. You control me like marionette. I don't belong to myself, only to you. I can't do anything and I walk on eggshells always with you."

The response is succinct: "That's because you're a ... using whore."

She goes on to say she's not any of the things he's calling her -- and it's quite a litany ...

... of nasty things, we might add -- and makes the argument that nobody asked him to spend so much money on her music career, which he apparently doesn't think much of anymore. 

He doesn't buy her argument: "Your logic sucks, because you're a ... mentally deprived idiot."

Signing off from the Ministry, where we're listening to every stinkin' word of these tirades, repeatedly, so you don't have to. (Though if you desire and are a tough-minded adult prepared for over-the-top profanity and anger, click here.)

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Mel Gibson, between takes on June 9, 2010, in Brownsville, Texas, while shooting the upcoming movie "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." Credit: Yvette Vela / The Brownsville Herald / Associated Press

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she's baiting him. she knows she's recording and he doesnt. play an mmo sometime, there are way worse tirades going on all the time despite there being supposed bans for making racial comments.

Come on. Watch her eyes whenever you see them together. All she cared about was who was looking at her. She has orchestrated this whole thing, including sadly the little girl they have. She wanted to marry him. He wouldn't have it. She is pissed. If he were such an animal, why didn't this come up with his first wife or any of their many children. Oksana is doing whatever she can to get money. That's what it looks like. Too bad Mel doesn't shut up and let his lawyer handle it. As someone else wrote, she is bated him.

The more she releases tapes, the more I side with Gibson.

Country of free speech. Leave it to a woman to record it solely for malicious intent. That's where the target should be, the directed motive, not the indirect words.

This is a train wreck for sure. It begs the question of why Mel allowed himself to be used in the first place. And I want to know why the spin is that he's a horrible, horrible racist, when he's as much as admitted to knocking her teeth out and hitting her? This is not a good Catholic, this is not a good man. He is an angry, insecure misogynist.

Oksana, run, don't worry about the money. You had a career before, you can have a career again. Stay away from famous men, and don't hook up with anyone until you've known them for a good long time, and know their character through and through.

Mel Gibson = MADMAN

Control freak, abusive, psycho, raging lunatic. He almost sounds like a teenager who is throwing a fit because his parents are grounding him for a week or whatever. It's flat out juvenile. It's bizarre to listen to a 54 year old dude freaking out like this. It reminds me of O.J. Simpson in one of his "black rages" or whatever before he finally killed his wife and Ron Goldman. His wife better get the heck away from him. Run for her life! No joke.

I guess Mel is even crazier than his father who I hear goes around telling everyone that Hitler didn't kill 6 million Jews in concentration camps during WWII. It looks like Mel has a LOT of demons inside him. "Mad Mel" needs to get to a psych ward as soon as possible before he flips out and hurts somebody.

I've seen my last Mel Gibson movie at the theater. I won't even rent one of his movies or watch a free one. Mel is DONE in his career in Hollywood. He should just move back to Australia or whatever ... if they'll have him.

Whats with all the crazy people blaming the woman or supporting racism. I am sure the "lady" is no angel but she didn't put a gun to his head and make him say those words. You only yell out in anger what you already feel.

They are both a pair of lunatics, but Mel Gibson is pathetic. I quit watching his movies years ago and hope more people will do the same. He's evil.

I can't believe people are blaming her. Sounds to me a like a woman with very little options. She had no money to leave, at his mercy (I choke on calling it that) legally because he has the money and power. He already phyisically attacked her and felt it was justified. His words are uncontionable, threatening and probably terrifying to anyone, let alone someone trapped by him.

Wow! I can't believe the comments....clearly there are a lot of messed up people in the world and they like to comment on your site!

If someone were talking to me like that I'd tape them too! It's David and Goliath, it was her best defense and that anybody is siding with that raving lunatic is just plain scary for society in general. Please leave the planet - and take Mel with you!

We claim to live in a society where men and women are equal, yet scores of people jump not on the man who admitted to punching a woman in the face while she was holding his baby, not to the man who threatened to kill her and burn her house down, not to the man who maligned blacks and Latinos (and previously Jews and gays), but the woman who recorded these statements in an act of self-preservation. I wouldn't blame Oksana for having released these tapes, but both she and Radar Online have stated that she didn't.

Furthermore, some of you hallucinate that you can tell her motives from a *look in her eyes?* How delusional is that?

Simply put, if you're OK with what Gibson said, you're OK with racism and brutality against women. There's no excuse for his behavior, which is classic abuser behavior, btw, and anyone who attempts to excuse him needs to take a good hard look at himself.

Jeff Thomas, I agree with you 1000%

I Forgive Mel Gibson

"We may see the shadow in others and,
if we dare,
know it in ourselves.
Mostly, however, we deny it in ourselves
and project it onto others.
It can also have a life of its own, as the Other.
A powerful goal that some undertake is
to re-integrate the shadow, the dark side,
and the light of the 'real' self.
If this can be done effectively,
then we can become 'whole' once again,
bringing together that which was
once split from us."
- Carl Jung

Maybe she did this because she wants to leave him, and knows how abusive he is. This is her proof that he is abusive, and their child doesn't belong in his hands.

Jamie Roberts I agree with you 1000% too. Its amazing how the victimis are always further victimized/blamed for being the victim. This guy is an absolute racist and abuser who deserve to serve time in jail. Clarly the fruit didn't fall far from the tree. Like father(racist and Holocaust denier) like son (same).

I can't believe how many people are blaming the victim. I really can't believe it. I refuse to believe it. I refuse to accept it.

What has she done to deserve being spoken to like this? This is not an appropriate way for human beings to speak to one another. These comments that she "made" him react like this -- he's an adult male. He chooses to either react like this or engage in different behaviour. How does someone else MAKE someone behave in any way? Because she's an attractive woman, she MADE him do this?

He's a freak with serious control issues. Are there really that many more of you out there?

The number of people coming down on her for this shows me that woman is still the (you know what) of the world, and that it is still ok to blame women for the abuse they endure.

She is a woman in a relationship with a man who uses his threats and power -- physically and via the legal maneuvers he has tried lately -- to silence and minimize her. We've already seen one woman like her in a body bag. Do we really need to see more?

If anyone hears these tapes and thinks this behaviour is justified by anything, you really have mental issues. Responsible human beings do not treat other human beings this way. Mel Gibson had a choice to cease contact with someone whose behaviour he objected to or handle his stress with violence and rage. He chose the latter. If you agree with that choice, you've got a lot of problems.

It is not okay to treat women like this. It is not okay to treat humans like this. We're capable of better, humanity. Really.

I agree she's baiting him, and I'm a woman. No one has the slightest idea what was said or done by either party before he gets that enraged and she decides to record him. Each tape I heard he starts out with "don't you dare hang up on me again" meaning they were having a conversation before the taped one (conveniently not taped) and she probably set him off so when he calls back more irate because she already set him off then added insult to injury and hung up on him she turns on the tape recorder and catches him at his worst. I'll be honest when my husband sets me off some things fly out my mouth just for the hell of it because he enraged me enough that I just fish for things to insult him with.
I also heard mixed things about her getting punched. I'm not condoning men hitting woman, but if she asks for it she asks for it. Some women just know how to really push the right buttons to get the reaction they want. Its called manipulation and that is exactly what she is doing to the general public and the courts. She's getting all the "bad" ammo she can to keep her daughter and he's falling for her bait. Mean while she's using that child as a pawn piece in her manipulations.
Poor Mel..that man has dug himself into a deep hole.

She is baiting him. She knew who Mel Gibson was before they were together. Mel has been acting off center for years and I believe she saw a cash cow. She knew if she sidled up to someone like that she could bait him, take a few hits, get some evidence and make a nice chunk of change for her time. I feel bad for those of you who are naive enough to think there aren't people like that in this world. No one is saying Mel is cool for what he's done, but please stop acting like this is some little lamb who innocently entered into a relationship with the big bad wolf. This is a grown and, imo, rather crafty woman. Ask yourself why the tapes come out AFTER he wasn't giving her any money. Why are they public? Where is a frantic 911 call back when her teeth supposedly were knocked out. WHY didn't the dentist report it? It's so simple to see this in black and white. Life is more complex than that. Try digging a little deeper. I hear a man who realizes he got duped and is extremely angry about it. Too angry for you? That's understandable. You don't like the words he uses? Okay. But please stop acting like he's the worst person that ever existed. It's ridiculous.

They are obviously both dysfunctional. Maybe she is baiting him, maybe not. Either way there is no excuse for behaving the way he did. He sounds like an abusive drinker. That rage doesnt come out of thin air, but it is over the freakin top. She is most likely a codependent who thought she could "fix" him. They both need help and to stay the f away from each other. He is very threatening and dangerous though. She didnt just accuse him, she took the time to tape him so that others can feel the fear she must have. Nobody is poor and innocent here. It is her job as a woman to not be so naive, but i cant think of many women that arent. I hope mel gets some help. Anger is a secondary emotion, and he has a lot of it. He must have been hurt very badly, but he needs to learn a healthier way to deal with it.

This is a personal issue between Mel and his user girlfriend. She has an agenda and premeditated all these tapes in order to destroy Mel and his career. He fell right into her trap. I'm certain she tried to extort money/house out of him before she went public, and w/Mel's temper, he told her to pound sand. Bet her her attempt to extort money and blackmail him wasn't on tape. Sorry Mel but you should have seen it coming. You are a sucker in so many ways. I still love ya and hope immigration kicks her fanny back to Russia, penniless.

Looks like the devil got to him after all.
He ain't all that.

I'm sure l'm going to piss someone off here, however, we are only hearing what she(oksana) wants us to hear. She knows she's recording him, so she deliberately antagonizes him. If she really felt some sort of threat, why did she stick around, not go to the police. If you were really that scared for your life, doesn't it seem obvious that's the first place you would go.

I'm not excusing what he said at all. But i don't believe he's some sadistic, woman beating monster. Simply because there is no proof of violence. Aside from the tape, what else is there. I mean look at his previous marriage, his children. The problem there was he's an alcoholic. I believe that it's the same thing here. Except she(Oksana) knows that she can milk the situation and get some publicity.

The saddest part is the little baby in the whole equation.

Is Mel's career over? Personally I don't think so. I think more will be revealed about her character and her genuine intent to blackmail him and take him for all he's worth, meanwhile hiding under the "poor me" veil she knows the media is going to take.

Think about what has ex wife had to deal with all those years.

You know I agree with the poster mmo's she is baiting him, and why in the first place does she even have a tape recorder if she had no intent on either attempting to ruin him or was it something perhaps along the line of hoping to extort money from him. I don't care I will still go to his movies, I don't see how his personal life has anything at all to do with his movie career, and if his talent agent dropped him, someonelse will pick him up,not that he even needs it, he can produce his own movies, he has showed us that, I am still a fan and always will be, in my opo her motives her obvious or she wouldn't have had a tape recorder in her pocket or wherever she hid it!

I standing behind Mel, she is evil, what did she do to this poor man, to hurt him so much.

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