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Jail and rehab for Lindsay Lohan -- good move or bad? [poll]


Lindsay Lohan certainly appeared to be shocked by the sentence handed down Tuesday by Judge Marsha Revel. The actress broke down in tears after being sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days of subsequent in-patient rehab after she was found in violation of the terms of her parole for DUI and reckless driving charges from 2007.

Not every reaction, however, was quite so shocked and appalled. Based on comments submitted on our LiLo coverage along the way, the Ministry of Gossip has two nonscientific online poll questions for the audience:

We'd also love to hear your reasoning, in comments. Just don't cuss, OK, and don't be gross. Thanks.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Lindsay Lohan and attorney Shawn Chapman Holley in court on July 6, 2010. Credits: David McNew / Reuters / pool

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Its very curious that illegal alien on 2 dui gets no jail time or 5 days jail time at most if you look at court records in LA county. Lindsy gets 90 days? Her lawyer is a jerk, she should vacate her guilty plea and take it to a jury. These impossible conditions are just made up by the courts.

She seems to be a totally lost soul. I doubt that even this will make her turn around the way she's living. I'm a little surprised at the vehemence of most people's ill will toward her.
I suppose people are angry that they have to work so hard in their lives and people like Lindsay can't seem to do a single thing properly, yet rarely face consequences.

It's about time she was held to a standard that many are held too. It looks as if she has been given many chances and she believes she is above the law. That is called ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER. It will be interesting to see if even after this 180 days of imposed punishment will make a difference in her future behaviors. I suspect that it will most likely curb her getting caught, but not defer the behaviors. This seems to be one troubled young lady. I hope for her sake that she is able to get the help she obviously needs.

If it were anyone else - they would already be in jail. She got more chances than the average joe. She probably won't even end up doing the 90 days, which brings me back to my original point. If it were anyone else, they would end up having to do the 90 days.

She is an addict. Hopefully she will face that.

The only reason I have little sympathy for Lindsey is because she keeps getting caught. After being on probation for previous DUI and drug offenses, she can find any way to alternative modes of transportation? I know her career hasn't been a shining beacon of wealth generation for her lately, but why does she need to drive herself at all, doesn't she have a driver? Can't she at least afford cabs? Stick to doing shots and bumps of coke in the back of a limo where you belong Linds.

Lindsay thinks she's above the law. She's the poster girl for spoiled brats.

I fail to see what benefit there is in putting this child in a cage. She should have been forced into rehab in 2007 when this all happened. Should never have been allowed to get to this.

Really? I think that Lilo got off easy. Why do i say that? Because she is a celebrith. If she would have been any other "normal" person, she would have gotten a way harsher scentence. Come on who do you know , gets 3 years of probation, and then is allowed an extention. Then goes back to court and gets a ancle blanket. Any other person would have been placed into custody automatically. i think its bull that ppl that are in the public eye more than others get off so easy. Arent they saposed to be "role models" ? Do they not understand that the public follow in there footsteps? i Really hope that this rather small scentence teaches he a lesson of some sort.

Lindsay Lohan is an addict. She is unwilling to get help, she is unwilling to stay sober and she is unwilling to take responsibility for her life.

That's problem number one. If that were the beginning and the end of it, then so what? Her own business.

But the second problem is where the law comes in. She uses illegal drugs, she drives while drunk and/or high, and when the court offers her break after break and one more chance and one more chance - she thinks she's fooled them the way she fools everyone else, including herself.

The law can't make Lindsay Lohan realize she has a problem that could kill her. But it can make sure she does time for her moving vehicle violations and her subsequent probation screwups. If she's bound and determined to wreck her life, fine. But she should not be allowed to take anyone else down with her.

It's about time she was sentenced jail- And treatment- Was her crying real, or was it acting ?? Maybe she can act when she needs to !!

She is getting what she deserves - she should have shown up in court the first time and the judge might not have been so harsh with her this time. Also, this being sentenced to jail and to rehab may be the judge doing Ms. Lohan a big favor - it may just save Ms. Lohan's life and get her sobered up.

Celebrity's should not be treated differently than everyday people. No more harsh or favored. She's been out of control for to long. She needs help and is not coherent about here situation. I hope this wakes her up and makes her realize that she is self destructive and what's worse is been a bad role model to others.

absolutely this sentence is warranted. If this were someone sans all the money and fame it would have been 90 to 180 days for the second dui alone. Add the coke possession and the average joe would have been locked up for at least a year in the county. THere would've been no classes and just probation....welcome to the real world...90 days is still a slap on the wrist for those crimes....

She had it coming! She made her own bed.

you think she will actually do one day in jail?? I doubt it.

Ms. Lohan is a train wreck and has been for some time. Perhaps the jail time will enable her to sober up for a short time. What is really astounding was her disbelief that she would actually be held responsible for her actions.

Fortunately, she'll be off the streets for a while and not a threat to herself or to the pubic. Maybe the reality check will do her good and she'll stay clean. Given her history, am guessing not.

Having worked with young addicts I can see this child was following the route of Heath Ledger and would be dead within a few years. I hope this is enough of a shock to awaken her to a larger reality.

It probably is a very good thing for her. Just as it was for Britney going into Rehab. She may turn herself around. I think we are all tired of a double standard for celebrities and one for the more everday citizens. I'm tired of this country putting stars in a such high light. There are people around the world doing wonderful things for humanity yet the media puts these superstars in the news all the time. Something has got to change.

She deserves it. Lindsay's a trainwreck and thinks she can get away with irresponsible behaviour just coz she's a so-called celeb. I say her sentence wasn't nearly long enough!

She needs the help and the tough sentence...she is the same has everyone else , she was given a chance and on parole and chose not to follow the restrictions of that..so she is getting what is due..my pray is she will learn from this and be a better person...get ur life together lindsey tons if people would have loved the oppurtiniuty u have had and your ruining it..now pull yourself together and show us that sweet girl we once enjoyed watching.

Lets review. Lilo was arrested not once, but twice, for DUI. The second arrest was while wearing an alcohol detection bracelet, while possessing cociane, after a car chase. A plea deal was reached. As part of that plea, she was placed on probation. For failing to abide by the rules of said probation, an arrest warrant was issued and recalled, her probation was extended, and she was ordered not to consume alcohol. She was 90 minutes late to court once, completely missed two depositions in unrelated civil cases, then shows up late the third time a deposition was scheduled. BTW, that civil case involved Lilo drinking. She completely missed her scheduled probation hearing, because she waas in France and reported her passport missing. She was ordered to wear the SCRAM bracelet and consumed alcohol while wearing said bracelet, which was in violation of the terms of her probation.

Whew. I've lost track of how many times she didn't take Judge's orders seriously, and thumbed her nose at the court. Anyone would be in jail after such acts.

The judge warned Lindsay that she would have to faithfully execute the terms of her parole. She had her probation

Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan exemplifies what's wrong with the younger generation. They have a huge sense of entitlement and have no fear of authority. She has probably been surrounded by a bunch sycophants, including her parents, that led her to believe she could do whatever she wanted without repercussions. And to those referring to Lindsay Lohan as a child...She is 25 years old. While she may be emotionally and socially immature...That's an adult.

With the jails filled with some many people now. she will do about 1/4 of the 90 days. So what's that 3 weeks? Will she be in overcrowded conditions, as other prisoners or will again special treatment for her celebrity status. And what's with the 2 weeks to surrender. Do they give everyone time like that? Let's see if she stays sober during that time and how she makes that appearance. Also, how disrespectful is she, he attorney was listening to the judge's orders and she kept talking to her.

She's a big baby and it's time she took responsibility for her actions. It would be great to think that this just might help her to grow up. Let's hope so.

The judge is a complete idiot ... but not for sentencing Lindsay Lohan to jail and rehab. She deserves it. The judge is an idiot because, knowing Lohan has missed court-ordered therapy sessions and even court appearances, she allowed Lohan to not turn herself in until the 20th. What makes the judge think she's going to "show up" on the 20th?

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of the preferential treatment given to celebs. If it was an everyday Joe or Suzy Sixpack that did the same things Lohan did, the judge would have ordered the bailiff to put them in handcuffs and take them DIRECTLY to jail. Instead, she gave Lohan a 14-day vacation from jail based on the "supposition" that she'll voluntarily turn herself in.

Maybe she will turn herself in on the 20th. But, I'm skeptical.

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