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PREACH IT! Gary Coleman: The Cremated Remains Tour 2010

July 7, 2010 |  2:39 pm
Gary-coleman-1982 Here’s the latest in the ongoing Gary Coleman executorship saga: Coleman’s former in-laws would like to take the actor’s cremated remains on a fun whistle-stop train tour sometime in the future. The bad news: We probably won’t be able to buy tickets.

Right now, the remains of the onetime child star are being stored at Lake Hills Memorial Mortuary in Utah while various factions squabble over executorship. But eventually, the parents of Coleman’s ex, Shannon Price, want to get hold of Coleman’s ashes and take them on a train, maybe even sprinkling some of his remains over the tracks.

"Anybody that knows Gary knows that he's an aficionado for trains,” Price’s father, Dale, tells Radar. “There is a place up north of Salt Lake called the Golden Spike Monument, where back in the 1800s, the trains met from the east to the west. We thought about taking some of his ashes up there and spreading them over the train tracks."

Will we get to watch? Sadly, no.

If the tour goes forward, it will be a private, family affair. That is, as private as the affair can be ...

... given that this is the Price family. After all, they’ve already announced where they plan to put Gary’s ashes, and why. Can the "exclusive" photos be far behind? 

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Gary Coleman in 1982. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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