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PREACH IT! Mel Gibson is in the hot seat -- again

Mel-and-oksana Looks like Mel Gibson is once again facing accusations of nasty behavior. This time, the allegations reportedly come from ex Oksana Grigorieva, who recently bore him a daughter.

The former pair seem to have traded restraining orders, or something like that; the court records are all sealed at this hour. Still, TMZ and other sites say they have the dish, which is essentially this: Grigorieva is accusing Gibson of getting violent with her before they broke up. Gibson, meanwhile, also has filed a restraining order, but it’s more about muzzling Grigorieva than anything else.

Of course it’s impossible to know who -- if anyone -- is lying at this point. But people will likely pile on Gibson, thanks to that infamous drunk-driving-episode-turned-anti-Semitic-rant back in 2006.

Still, doing that may be -- and yes, we really are saying this -- doing Gibson a disservice. Gibson certainly loves violence, but that love has been shown largely on the big screen via the "Lethal Weapon" franchise and movies such as "The Passion of the Christ." Gibson is a drinker, but he has yet to really establish himself as Australia’s Charlie Sheen.

We'll be interested in seeing how this unfolds, as the drama plays itself out.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson pose for the media in Madrid during the photo call for his film "Edge of Darkness" on Feb. 1. They broke up in April. Credit: Ballesteros / EPA

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PREACH IT! Keep digging, Mel Gibson. Keep digging.

Who's your daddy? Mel Gibson, baby! Mel Gibson!

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The woman is so obviously after as much money as possible and thought she had an easier target, although she got further than is right. She didn't get ALL that she wanted, her career failed through her own lack of talent, and is out to destroy him best she can, now lying, dragging all the kids into it by going to the tabloids. That's how it looks to me, anyway. Give the guy a break for once. Robyn and his kids never had any issues with him being violent, nor has anyone else.

When oh when will this gold digger fade quietly into the (ahem!) night?! She is a shallow hustler and I for one am so sick of seeing her overworked face in connection with Mel Gibson. I don't believe her allegations for a second; she is clearly after as much money as she can take him for. Her pitiful music "career" never took off in spite of living with a music producer and then Mel, who threw millions into it. OUCH.
Please have mercy on us all, Oksana, and go away!

Looks like Gibson is due for another rant against the congregation at his "church."

I have no sympathy for either side in this issue.

Mel was screwing around while he was still married and got this piece of work pregnant. No way she didn't know that Gibson was married.

Also, Mel claims to be a devout Roman Catholic, even having gone so far as to have started his own outpost (?) for his particular brand of Roman Catholicism. His adulterous behavior rather flies in the face of his faith, now doesn't it.

Both are guilty in this. Both made bad decisions. Mel's ex-wife and his children by her are the ones who have my complete sympathy.

nothing that money won't solve with this woman.

You could see this one coming mile away.

When you claim the holocaust never happened it doesn't surprise me that the rest of his life is just as delusional. What did he think was going to happen when he had a baby with someone he barely knew after so many years of a failing marriage? He makes women wear long dresses in his church and actually believes all the nonsense of his cult so nothing he does surprises me. He is a manipulative hypocrite and should be restrained from everything...I'm sick of his type.

A.R. your hatred is showing. He doesn't "make" women wear long dresses, they wear them because they want to since it's a 2000+++ yr old tradition, same as the orthodox Jewish women wear them. Get counseling for anger management, dude. As for the holocaust you're confusing him with someone else and making things up you have no idea about.
Oksana was definitely a mistake; I am pretty sure he sees that now!

Well, one must naturally ask the burning question du jour: Why does anyone care about this couple?

All men cheat and all women are gold diggers.
Whats the problem here?

Mel Gibson is a big jerk - he always claimed to be a devout Catholic, and even belonged to the fanatic Catholic Organization based in New York (Opus Dei) I'm always skeptical of people who go overboard on religion and flaunt it in everyone's face. Truly religious and devout people don't do that - it's a personal thing! Then to leave his family - wife and nine or so children for a young woman makes him look like a complete fool!! And what's to happen to the foolish girl who fell for him - does she think he won;t do the same to her?? I have never liked him and haven't seen any of his films!

there is a god! men like him deserves women like her. what was he thinking. she is not even natural beauty. i hope he pays big $$ for being such a stupid old man. i hope she takes him to the cleaners even though i hate to look at her stupid plastic face. she is a gold-digger and she struck mega lotto! pay up, stupid old mel!

Gibson should've gotten a vasectomy years ago.

Thanks for not piling on Mel.

Actually, Frieden, A.R. is right about the holocaust revisionism. Mel's father is a nutcase, with his own zine and everything, and indoctrinated Mel. That's where Mel's anti-Semitism comes from. He's careful about expressing his beliefs in public, as he knows his career would flame out and public opinion would sour, but snippets have come through in past interviews, including refusing to disavow his father's extremist beliefs. He does not believe in the holocaust. Same as dear old dad.

Meanwhile, I don't feel sorry for either party, here. Mel is an unlikeable, misogynist and hypocritical idiot, and she clearly saw the SS Moneybags from miles away. I'm sure she got pregnant on purpose, probably aided by his selective Catholic beliefs (adultery is ok, but I won't try to prevent a pregnancy). As a Catholic myself, I will say I believe him to be crazy. Beware zealots of all stripes.

They both are terrible, and both deserve a long, drawn-out and torturous court battle. As with Gilda, my sympathies are with his long-suffering ex-wife and his kids from that union. These two... forget it.

It seems that people are upset with
the media jet set as usual and I can
feel empathy for their anger. I wish
the media could behave around
children fan clubs and their advertisers.

This is a case of teef over a river builder.

Mel Gibson's wife is drying her tears (of laughter) with wads of money.


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