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Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva teams trade accusations [poll] [updated]

Oksana-web Did Mel Gibson deliver what women want after a breakup, or was he more of a lethal weapon where Oksana Grigorieva was concerned? In what's shaping up as a he-said/she-said worthy of a stampeding herd of Drama Llamas, it all depends on whom you believe. 

Oksana is alleging that Mel beat her, punching her in the face in January and knocking out several of her teeth. Sources on her side tell TMZ she hasn't seen a dime in support since they split.

Sources on Mel's side have told People that's all a bunch of hooey.

Mel's attorney tells TMZ that the actor has exceeded the terms of their breakup mediation and given his baby mama millions, including a house and a car, right up until she wouldn't let him see their child, Lucia, on Father's Day. That was a violation of their deal, Mel's lawyer says, so now the actor's sticking to the letter of the agreement.

[For the record, 1:56 p.m. July 1: A previous version of this post said "until he wouldn't let her see their child." That was wrong. It's correct now.]

And of course Oksana told Radar Online that that is all a bunch of hooey

So, yeah -- this mess is clearly a job for a nonscientific online poll. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Oksana Grigorieva appears at a Moscow news conference on April 19,when she hinted that her breakup with Mel Gibson might come with a side order of scandal. Credit: Mikhail Metzel / Associated Press

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Mel Gibson, devout Catholic. All the other Catholics must be so proud of him. And Jesus no doubt sits up in Heaven and smiles down at his devout subject for so closely following in his footsteps. Mel is the perfect Catholic for our times...

Oksana, GET A JOB

I don't believe for a second that Oksana hasn't said some choice things to Mel. I absolutely despise people who get into heated arguments, many times provoking the argument, and then record the other person's response to the argument in order to make sure the other person is seen in the worst possible light. I guess Mel's not that bad of a guy if it didn't occur to him to make a recording of Oksana when she yelled at and insulted him, which I'm sure she did. People can say some horrible things when they are mad, but I honestly dislike people who record conversations even more than verbally abusive people.

Eric are you into religious vilification? I can't help thinking there is a bit of bigotry here.

Mel's actions in no way belong to the teachings of the Catholic Church nor the intent of the one Jewish, Christian or Muslim God. I, myself, only hope that the child of this union comes away with some sort of relationship between both parents.

I believe Oksana. Just because she is Russian, it does not mean she is lying. Mel is a waste of human DNA. What a disgrace!

You really have to wonder about the motives...I wonder who the dentist is that fixed her supposedly knocked out teeth and where are the pics of the damage to her face or statements from others that would have seen this damage...Hmmmm


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