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Angelina Jolie's video for World Refugee Day 2010 [Updated]

Angelina-jolie-tourist-web Angelina Jolie, a goodwill ambassador with the U.N., has loaned her face and voice to a 30-second video, above, in advance of World Refugee Day 2010 on Sunday.

"Please remember the millions of people around the world forced from their homes, whose only hope of return is to not be forgotten," Brad Pitt's companion urges, in a message also noting that those who "flee from conflict and persecution" might be prevented from returning home for years -- or forever.

Jolie should know. Starting with a trip to Sierra Leone in 2001, the actress has done at least 30 field missions to places including Thailand, Afghanistan and even Arizona. Just this April, she and Pitt met with refugees in Bosnia

-- Christie D'Zurilla

[For the record, 12:55 p.m.: An earlier version of this post referred to Angelina Jolie as "Mrs. Brad Pitt." The two are not married.]

Photo: Angelina Jolie in character for "The Tourist" in Venice, Italy, on May 3. Credit: Luigi Costantini / Associated Press

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Somewheres Jennifer Aniston's nostrils are flaring over Ms. Jolie-Pitt's good works...Angelina takes pride in her good works for others while ole Jen searches for another man to be dumped by...

Undoubtedly you are not a very good reporter and/or news magazine, as you have Angelina Jolie labled "Mrs. Brad Pitt" - THEY ARE NOT MARRIED!!! They have three out-of-wedlock children.... they are NOT married!! So you should really make a correction.

What about the people in the United States and the whole BP Oil Spill. People like her piss me off because how are we suppose to fix everything else in the world when our own country needs help. How about cleaning up the beaches and helping out the poor animals who have nothing to do with the spill but yet are suffering. Fix the U.S. before fixing other countries.

Umm...not that I'm Jen Aniston's biggest fan, but whoever wrote that only Ms. Jolie does "goodworks" should really check in with the "goodworks" that Jen does for St Jude's Children's Hospitals among many other charitable contributions and organizations. As we all do, both have done quite a bit wrong and both have done quite a bit right! Probably neither need to be judged or slammed by anyone else but God. Prayed for yes...slammed...probably not.

Jen does charitable work to fill the void of her empty life without a man...while Jolie does charitable works through out the world and has Mr. Pitt...okay let your heads explode now..

I was refugee myself and I am so grateful that people like Angelina that care.
bravo Angelina, I am deeply so thankful for the UN. Without this organization, we would not survive. Thank you.

allowing children to have b'day parties with war themes
is more telling than any sympathy video. what an idiot.

Okay, am I the only person in the world that thinks that it is utterly absurd to think that Aniston even needs to be mentioned right here? Good lord people, that happened forever ago, just move on to the next celebrity drama already. WHO CARES ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED YEARS AGO!

@J.L. Swift -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

You're not the only one wondering that same thing. Here's how it works -- we post something about Angelina Jolie, and Cisco comes and trolls with comments about Jennifer Aniston. If I don't publish them, he screams about his free speech being violated.

We co-exist kind of like the rhinoceros and the Oxpecker. And yes, the blog is the rhinoceros.


Thank you, Angelina Jolie, for remembering those who have suffered the loss of some of the most precious things we have...a place to call home and family members. You bring dignity, love and honor to all those you touch. The genuine love in your touch and smile and voice means so much to those who feel they are without hope and without anyone who truly cares about them.

You do as Jesus told us all to do....."when you visit the sick and help the helpless, you have done it to me."

I am inspired by all that you and Brad do to bring help, and hope to those in need.

God bless you both and keep you and your children safe forever.

Unknown at 1:22, your remark reflects a common misunderstanding among many Americans. It IS of vital importance to the US that efforts be made to alleviate unrest and the potential for unrest around the world. It is within the large populations of refugees living in dire circumstances that political unrest grows and resentment against the wealthier and more powerful nations takes root.

The United States will always face involvement that places at risk our citizens and troops due to political unrest around the world. That is a burden the US will always carry as long as it remains a world power. The extremists of the world look to such unsettled and poor populations for recruitment and indoctrination into their ranks.

Efforts to return refugees to their homelands or safely resettle them as well as provide education and a viable future for them will go a long way to giving them an alternative to extremist views.

The U.S. takes much from the world in terms of resources and it has an obligation to give back. Healthier and more prosperous peoples around the globe serves the US in many ways.

As for Ms. Jolie, why should she be dictated to by narrow minded people who cannot see the reality of how interconnected this world is. ALL efforts to help others should be appreciated for what they do and not that they don't resolve all problems. It's her time and money. Not yours.

Christie luv...don't get your panties in a bunch now...if you do not like what's posted maybe you shouldn't be in charge of monitoring this site...and seriously you need stop with the Carrie vs. Taylor crap...obviously you have nothing better to report except pitting celebrities against celebrities...and yes, I'll always make comments about Jen, Ange and Brad...where's your sense of humor...and yes, you can block me out if you want...no big whoop..but thanks for censoring...and haven't you heard the latest tabloid fodder..Brad and Jen are back...or so I read in People and other celebrity rags...keep up the good work...but don't get all in a tizzy over "trolling" comments...just live with it and do your job...smooches all around...

Please I am trying to reach Angelina Joliet to beg her to help us here in the gulf. If you can reach her please, refer her to speak to me. I will open my home here in Panama City and my heart to her. She CAN help us by loaning us her voice and face as well. We are losing God's precious gifts of ocean and sea life, man's way of life and life of man. We need her and I have hit wall after wall.

Ms. Goodwill Ambassador
and famous artist and able Angelina Jolly
I am a pilot Velstiin - Gaza Strip, I heard about you a lot of programs that Tkadimnha to live in freedom I will not longer speak not the words that I have to say nit very pain too want you just have to heights, my dream which I hope since my childhood I hope Monkey that Tnzero in it a letter from the student Palestinian


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