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PREACH IT! Don’t look at Lauren Conrad! She hates it!

Lauren conrad Just kidding. Look. No, really. Please look at Lauren Conrad. She’ll put out another clothing line if you don’t.

This week, Conrad “revealed” in an interview with Glamour magazine that she hates all the attention garnered from her reality show, “The Hills.”

“I get very uncomfortable with people watching me,” she told the magazine. “And I know that sounds silly because of the show, but we were filming with people that we’d known for years, and it was a job. [Now] when [I’m] in a movie theater and [I] can hear the whispers, it’s like that really bad dream where you go to school naked. You feel so self-conscious."

For the record, Conrad has striven in vain to keep a low profile. She’s had only two reality shows spanning six years -- starting when Conrad was in high school -- and two fashion lines, including the subsequent runway shows starring Lauren Conrad. She’s also survived two endorsement deals, four TV guest star appearances, two novels and countless red carpet appearances. And now we know the truth: Every single minute of every single one of those gigs was sheer molten hell. Poor, selfless girl, suffering for the kids like she does.

She’s not alone. Tons of other celebrities have loved to play the transparent I-hate-fame card ...

Lauren collection  ... which never fails to garner sympathy from at least a few worshipful hausfraus or members of the American Girl set.

Kristen Stewart once told BlackBook: “I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie. Nothing about being a celebrity is desirable.”

Which explains why Stewart signed on to play the female lead in one of the biggest franchises on planet Earth.

Dr. Drew Pinsky once pointed out a very interesting general celebrity trait: They are, on average, more narcissistic than the rest of us. Narcissists don't just love being the center of attention. They insist on it, and blame the rest of us if we don't play along. They also blame us if we don't buy dubious statements about how they hate being the center of attention.

Does that mean we discount Stewart’s or Conrad’s remarks? Of course not. But do we greet them with a healthy pinch of skepticism? We’d be silly not to.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Lauren Conrad in a publicity shot from "The Hills," top, and taking care of her own look, left, before showing the Lauren Conrad Collection for spring 2009 on Oct. 14, 2008, at L.A Fashion Week.
Credits: MTV, top; Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times, left.

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I think you are talking about two different things. Lauren didn't say she hated being a celebrity. She said she is uncomfortable with attention in her private life. She describes having people whisper about her in a movie theater which is something that would make anyone uncomfortable. Just because someone is in the entertainment business doesn't mean they can't be self-conscious off the stage in a normal environment.

come on, comparing LC to Kstew?? Kstew didnt sign up for reality shows and no one knew twilight was gonna be such a hit. it started as an indie movie with a small budget and then became a monster. she wasnt seeking the fame like LC was

Ok, so she's not Mother Teresa, but at least she's doing SOMETHING.

I completely agree with Sheeba's comment. Lauren said it made her feel uncomfortable and self-conscious when people watch her and whisper about her. Lauren does come off as kind of shy. You can tell by most of her paparazzi picture, where she keeps her head down, that she do not like the attention.
She doesn't seem like a fame-whore at all. There is not doubt she is famous and has made a great business for herself.
Stop trying to put words in her mouth or make her out to be someone she is not.

P.S. You sound very jealous of her.

But I think having to listen to Conrad complain about being uncomfortable in a normal environment is still nauseating. We don't want to hear or care that she's uneasy when she's living her day to day life. We didn't ask her to force herself into the public eye. She begged us to pay attention to her. Don't ask silly teens whispering around her to turn it off because she's at the grocery store.

Still waiting for her supposed talent to emerge, whatever it might be... besides the talent for making something out of nothing.

"whatever"....You're nothing, what have you done with that? Apparently she has done more with it then you. Jealousy is so ugly and mean.

what is it about Ms. Conrad that makes people give blind devotion to her? She has not cured cancer nor brought peace to the middle east, not even helped the hungry. She was on a run of the mill reality show and has been milking it for all it's worth (because outside of that she would have nothing). She really does not have a right to complain because she *chose* to be in the spotlight. Even her third "book" has her face on it because if it didn't it would not sell otherwise.
Now she seems to be a nice person, and it's nice to know she has not gone the famewhore route like her fellow roommate. But she is taking every advantage; so for her to complain about it is hypocritical. This nation has 10% unemployment and we had to extend benefits *again* so I suggest that she pipes down and enjoy her fame. Maybe that's why I don't like her too much; she won't admit to enjoying it.


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