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PREACH IT! We have news on Tiger Woods. You know, that other cheater?

March 24, 2010 |  4:38 pm

Tiger putt Yet another wholesome young lady has emerged to say she slept with the celebrity cheater of the hour. Oh, wait, no. The celebrity cheater of the hour is apparently Sandy Bullock’s husband. And porn star Devon James has not said she slept with Sandy Bullock’s husband. Devon James has said she slept with Tiger Woods.

Is it just us, or does that feel very last month?

Why Devon James would choose to come out now, we can only guess. And we won’t. We’re a gossip site, so it’s not our job to judge James’ timing -- only her need to sleep with a married guy and then tell everybody about it.

So, here it is, for the record: James says she slept with Tiger Woods for two and a half years. That makes her, according to generally accepted accounting practices, mistress No. 15. It also makes her pretty unimaginative in the tryst-with-a-married-guy department. We’re sure Devon has many fine traits. We just don’t know what they are.

Speaking of mysteries, here’s another doozy for you: Country singer LeAnn Rimes apparently once dated Tiger Woods too. Now, this was, apparently, way back in the day, so Rimes doesn’t count as No. 16.

According to US Weekly, Rimes “hooked up” with Woods ...

Leann awards  ... before her 2002 marriage to Dean Sheremet. "Then her dad almost had a heart attack," the source adds. "And he made her stop seeing Tiger." The reason for dad’s reaction? Woods was seven years older than Rimes, who was then a teenager.

Leann went on to suffer her own cheating scandal with Eddie Cibrian, of course. But at least she didn’t end up cheating on a cheating Tiger Woods with cheater Eddie Cibrian. Now that would be too confusing, even for gossip addicts like us.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Top photo: Tiger Woods celebrates a birdie putt in the third round of the Presidents Cup in San Francisco on Oct. 10, 2009. Credit: Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Bottom photo: A post-Tiger LeAnn Rimes in a 2001 promotional picture for the 36th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, which she hosted. Credit: Cliff Lipson / CBS

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