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PREACH IT! This just in: We are old (thanks tons, kids)

March 22, 2010 |  1:49 pm
Sambora Hollywood’s celebrity babies are starting to act a little uppity. First Madonna’s daughter Lourdes had the nerve to shoot upward like a weed and start a fashion empire. Then Lenny Kravitz’s kid (you know, Zoe, his cute little baby with ex Lisa Bonet) sprouted legs and started walking around and talking and doing crazy stuff like turning 21 and acting in movies.

And now: Ava Sambora -- Little Ava, the infant of Richie Sambora and ex Heather Locklear. Apparently, the wee tot became a 12-year-old and forgot to tell us. Someone is so grounded. And the rest of us are so, so old.

Zoe kravitz Ava made her semi-grown-up debut during the current Los Angeles Fashion Week, strutting for her dad’s fashion label, White Trash Beautiful, in a strapless mini-dress. Mom was in the front row, snapping pictures of Ava’s endless getaway sticks. I guess this means Ava has been walking for some time now and, we have to assume, out of diapers.

We haven’t even gotten to Alec Baldwin’s kid with Kim Basinger. You know, Ireland, the onetime “thoughtless little pig”? Yeah. She’s 14 now.

Did we mention we’re old?

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Richie Sambora took his daughter, Ava, top, to a Lakers game in May 2009, which must have been years and years ago, given the fact that she's now a runway model. And Zoe Kravitz had the nerve to show up with dad Lenny Kravitz on the Oscars red carpet March 7, 2010, as if she were a working actress now instead of the wee tot she's supposed to be. Credits: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times, top; John Shearer / Getty Images, left.

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