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PREACH IT! Kevin Smith continues to tweet fire at Southwest, may take his story to Larry King [poll]

Kevin smith The people who run Southwest Airlines seemed pretty pleased with themselves after their poorly explained treatment of director Kevin Smith this week. But Smith sure isn’t done -- and neither is the media.

Less than 48 hours after Smith was booted off of a Southwest flight (supposedly for being too plump, even though he fit well into his seat and there was a fatter guy on the same plane) the “Cop Out” director has become a hot commodity on the talk show circuit.

(Full disclosure: Smith is also a hot commodity with us. We at the Ministry have been trying to get an interview with him all day. No success.)

ABC, for one, has gotten aggressive. Per Smith, "Good Morning America” “show[ed] up at my house last night.” (We didn’t know the GMA people existed after sunset. That’s kind of cool. But we digress.)

Also, Larry King wants Smith badly. This morning, via the handle @kingsthings, the CNN talk show host tweeted that he wanted to interview Smith about the Southwest incident. Smith tweeted back, “I'm in L.A., you're in D.C. So please understand when I say this: I'm not going anywhere NEAR an airport again this week.”

King tweeted back, “Good news: I'm in LA, too. No need to go to airport. Would love for you to stop by tonite (sic) and we can talk.”

Smith’s response? “'kay. Thanks!”

That said, Smith’s appearance of choice may be “The Daily Show.” Yes, it’s in New York, but that’s only three days via Greyhound bus. Specifically, Smith has tweeted a challenge to Southwest: The airline would bring its seats to Jon Stewart’s set. If Smith sits in them with ease, the airline must re-train its staff and, per Smith, “admit you lied.”

As for the airline, its cold, tin heart will go on. Despite Southwest’s apparently inconsistent applications of its policy, its smug blog treatment of the incident (“Not So Silent Bob"? Really?) and its blithe disclosure of a regular customer’s travel preferences, industry experts have applauded the company for its handling of Smith.

“This shouldn't have a lasting impact on Southwest's business, just because they handled the issue swiftly,” aviation branding expert Shashank Nigam, of the company Simpliflying, tells the Ministry. “Southwest Airlines is a brand that can withstand such minor blips like Kevin Smith.”

Probably, but until Southwest can explain things a little more clearly, some of us here at the Ministry will be steering clear of the airline -- at least until it explains why that fatter guy was still on Smith's flight when it took off.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Kevin Smith poses at home for portraits in October 2008, shortly before "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" hit theaters. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

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The reason so many people defended this pathetic slob is because they're all from the US and are themselves obese. Please deliver us from the abomination that is the US.

Kevin is fat. Not only that, but he's a fat guy with a filthy mouth that needs to be washed out with a large, fat brick of soap. Kevin, get over it. Loose some weight and quit your whining.


Kenneth Daugherty

So the rest of the passengers should put themselves at risk or at most, squeezed by a overweight person? NO!

If you are cool with being overweight that's your prerogative, but I shouldn't have to suffer. Buy 2 seats, that's fair.

The airline shouldn't have put him in only one seat, especially considering his prior ticket was for 2 seats. That was Southwests bad. But asking an overweight person who only purchased 1 seat, I agree 100% with them.

Hey all, Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog -- just a reminder that we have a zero-tolerance policy on profanity in comments, even if you load it with asterisks or dashes or dollar signs, even if you use it in an acronym -- even if it's simply another word for "butt" that you would happily use in front of your boss and not get fired for it.

And yes, we are aware that there are many less uptight websites out there where you can cuss in comments -- this just isn't one of them.

So if you're not seeing your comment go live, that's probably why. Feel free to resubmit clean and we'll do our best to publish.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.



Was that minor blip or blimp? SWA, my hometown airline, is usually the cool kid in an industry of nerds, but this was very poorly handled - have they not SEEN the size of Americans these days???

Its fine to complain about Southwest's treatment of Kevin Smith. However, I'll bet you would be on the airline's side if you had to sit next to that fat load for a few hours.

For those who disagree with Southwest, you are either obese or having never sat next to an obese person on a flight. I pay for a seat on a flight, the ENTIRE seat. I should not have to share it with someone who choses to not control eating and exercising habits. If they chose to be obese, they can buy tickets for 2 seats. Healthy people have rights, too.

“Southwest Airlines is a brand that can withstand such minor blips like Kevin Smith.” - Shashank Nigam


Kevin Smith: 19600000 results

Shashank Nigam: 5410 results

Clown Shoes.

i doubt he was kicked off.

they probably said he has to pay for another seat, and this is now media hype

Southwest and all the other airlines are missing out on a golden opportunity. It would be simple stuff to replace a couple of rows on their aircraft with "Comfort seating" ie: two wider seats instead of the usual three and sell those seats at 150% of the regular fare. Save everybody the discomfort and embarrassment and make your company look considerate without impacting the bottom line.

There have to be enough passengers "of size" out there to justify the change over. I have yet to see the headlines about the shrinking American waistline.

I dont understand what the big deal is. If you have ever flown with S/W airlines then you should have known there is a size restriction. I am a large person so I know that until I loose this extra weight, i will fly airlines that are not so restrictive. After all that is a low budget airline and to keep cost down they must fly as light as possible.

I totally agree with Southwest here. I was made to fly 6hrs from BWI to LAS next to a huge lady. She was a nice lady so it made it a little better however I was perplexed why she wasn't made to purchase a 2nd plane ticket. It was the most uncomfortable fly of my life and American Airlines refused to do anything about it.

Who cares about Kevin Smith anyway? He made a handful of movies that were so-so, but since they had his name on them people loved them.

Thank you Southwest, I just purchased 2 roundtrip tickets because of this.

Ever been forced to sit by an obese person on a flight? I pay for a seat on a plane. The ENTIRE seat. I shouldn't have share it with an obese person. If they can't fit a standard airline seat, they should pay for 2 seats or find another means of transportation. Obesity is a lifestyle choice. Deal with your damn depression like the rest of us. Drink.

This is great news for anyone, like me, who's a little freaked whenever they see obese people boarding my flight. You have the right to lose weight and they have the right to keep their planes in the air. You're making Americans sound like fat whiny babies!

I'm a big guy myself, and I have shoulders wider than the seat. I fly Southwest all the time with no problems. Having said that, I make sure I have an aisle seat with an armrest that can be raised after takeoff so I can relieve any strain with the center seat.

Smith was flying standby, which almost guarantees he was in a center seat. He may have been infringing on the space of two people. Even if the armrests were down doesn't mean he wasn't oozing out of the seat underneath them.

I will not miss you on the flight.

Southwest may be right or wrong, but Kevin Smith is stil fat.

I love Southwest and I love Kevin Smith. But I wished SWA hadn't try their hand at comedy with that smug headline "Not So Silent Bob" that leads into a "heartfelt apology."

Hey there, people. Leslie Gornstein of MOG here. I've had to sit next to morbidly obese people on planes myself, and I've not enjoyed it, but Smith's case appears to be different. Remember, he fit into his seat and was able to fasten his belt and lower his armrests. That's the standard that Southwest uses when deciding whether a "person of size" can fly.

And given that at least one other guy on the plane was fatter than Smith, and was allowed to remain on the plane, something else is clearly going on here.

I'm all for rethinking how very large people fly -- and for maybe discussing baby-free flights while we're at it -- but let's not blur the issue.

I agree with most comments here. This guy is clearly attention-starved. Looks like he's looking for a way to escape the D-list.

Leslie Gornstein,
Hi!! As a airline mechanic for 8 years I don't agree with everything but the majority of the things the airlines do are not because they want to, its because they have to. The FAA controls everything that is considered a flight risk and NO airline has a right to tamper with the rules unless the FAA gives a blessing. I like Kevin Smith's movies but who is to say he wasn't being a hassle. I wasn't there.

I have had an uncomfortable ride next to all kinds of people. One was slim but aggressive with his elbows. He thought he owned the arm rests. Another snored. One lady stank. Another was very pregnant and wanted to walk all night. Unfortunately, I was on the aisle.

Kevin's type is minor. I would have enjoyed his company because at least he is interesting. I fault the airlines, all of them because he bought two seats. If they had done what was right, we would have had a empty seat between us and no problems. Isn't it time they quit over selling planes, eliminating flights and swearing you will have to buy two seats if you are overweight. How about athletes who have shoulders out to the yin yang? come on!!!

The problem is basically that airline seats are too small to travel comfortably more than a couple of hours, two close to each other for tall people. This is supposed to make the airlines more money, I guess.

kevin smith did pass test based on their policy and procedure and still was not allowed to fly.the flight crew was just looking at another fat guy with disdain.

it's no secret that any airline has the right to refuse to fly anyone who can't fit properly in the seat. kevin smith has already admitted that he usually purchases 2 seats so he could fit comfortably. this article claims there was a "fatter guy" on the same plane. i'm just curious as to how factual that claim really is and who reported it.

what really sucks is that southwest has to suffer just because kevin smith is trying to make the most out of his first media attention in years. and it's really sad that the only way he can get all this attention is because of the fact that he's too fat to fit in a plane seat.

Well....If southwest lets two skinny guys fly for the price of one I guess its OK....

Kevin Smith should have been made to purchase two tickets. People who do not fit into a single seat should not have the right in infringe on anyone else by overflowing into other passengers seats. Not fun sitting next to someone on a already cramped plane that is taking up their space and yours. People should take responsibility for their lives and stop blaming everyone else. If you don't want to buy two seats lose weight!

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