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PREACH IT! Lindsay Lohan, you are no Paris Hilton

February 11, 2010 |  4:59 pm

Lindsay This week, Lindsay Lohan was offered a pretty interesting gig. Every year, the Vienna Opera Ball -- the height of the Austrian social season -- attracts the elitest of the European elite. Per Wikipedia, it’s evening dress all the way: white tie and tails for men, floor-length ball gowns for women.

Also every year, Austrian businessman Richard Lugner famously invites a female American celebrity to, you know, class up the joint. Ritzy dates of past years have included Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton, Nicollete Sheridan, Dita Von Teese, Pamela Anderson and Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell.

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be Lugner’s date this year. Instead, she reportedly missed her flight.

(She was busy looking around at the duty-free shops at the airport, see. The pilot apparently held the plane for a while -- remember that the next time an airline agent refuses to check you in because you’re “too late” -- but eventually had to bail.)

Instead, Lohan reportedly spent her evening partying with her 16-year-old sister at the Chateau Marmont. Which, to Lohan, is probably 80 times as swanky as a mid-19th-century neo-Renaissance opera house.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Want it? Can't have it! Back at a Jan. 20 news conference, Richard Lugner -- flanked by girlfriend Anastasia Sokol, left, and daughter Jackie Lugner, right -- admired Lindsay Lohan's glowing visage, for she was to be his special guest at this year's Opera Ball. Um, psych! Credit: Ronald Zak / Associated Press.

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