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Charlie Sheen charged with felony menacing of wife Brooke Mueller, who'd rather have the whole thing just go away

Sheen courtCharlie Sheen was charged Monday with felony menacing plus two misdemeanor charges, third-degree assault and criminal mischief, related to his Dec. 25 arrest in Aspen, Colo. The actor allegedly held a knife to the throat of his wife, Brooke Mueller, and threatened to have her killed.

“Brooke’s position is she would like the charges to be dismissed and the case to be over,” her attorney, Yale Galanter, said after the hearing.

Sheen didn't enter a plea; if convicted of the most serious charge, he would face a maximum of three years behind bars.

The two didn't look at each other until the hearing ended, according to the Aspen Daily News, then walked toward each other, embraced briefly and said a few words -- something they could do for the first time since a protective order went into effect after Sheen's arrest. The order was modified Monday, though it still includes provisions that Sheen cannot use alcohol or drugs and cannot carry a weapon.


Sheen's attorney said the actor is undergoing alcohol counseling and has "taken a number of steps" to ensure the safety of his wife; he also said Mueller had met with a local organization that helps battered women.

Sheen told police he and Mueller had been arguing early that morning and that the fight escalated when she said she wanted a divorce and custody of their children. Mueller told police that Sheen had pinned her to the bed, gripped her neck with one hand and held a knife to her throat with the other as he straddled her.

The two are moving back in together at their Sherman Oaks home. Sheen's next court date is set for March 15, but Mueller isn't required to attend unless she's called to testify. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Upper photo: Charlie Sheen waves as he arrives for a court hearing in Aspen, Colo. Credit: Riccardo S. Savi / Getty Images

Lower photo: Brooke Mueller leaves the Pitkin County Courthouse after the hearing. Credit: David Zalubowski / Associated Press

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When you get a one year suspended sentence for domestic violence, you better know that if you end up facing the same kind of charge again, the prosecutor and the judge are going to be thirsting to put your re-offending disrespectful didn't listen the first time butt behind bars.

You don't get cut that kind of slack twice with a violent crime, whether the victim wants to move on or not.

@Patricia -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the Ministry ... dear, you just made my *whole* evening with this one hysterical bundle of words:

"your re-offending disrespectful didn't listen the first time butt"

I'm dyin' here. ROFL. Seriously.



Charlie Sheen has had issues for all of his adult life, and the press has always treated his "bad boy" behaviour as "cute". It just isn't cute anymore, he's dangerous now. Even if he got extremely angry at his wife for just a brief moment, that's how women end up dead, and children become orphans everyday in this country because mommy was murdered by daddy who then goes to prison for life. He has got to be held accountable, and just because she wants to forgive and forget doesn't mean it should be so. And as far as I know, she cannot just drop the charges. She already made her statement the day he was arrested, so they don't actually need her to get on the stand and testify against him. The prosecutor should proceed. After the legal issues are settled, if they can work this out and keep the family together, that's great, but they need intensive long term therapy, jointly & separately, and continued treatment for their substance abuse. If they can grow up and stick with their programs and the family plan that DCFS no doubt has put together for them, then maybe they can stay married and raise those children together. IF they do all of that and do it right, I still only give them a 50/50 chance of success and maybe not even that. That is so much pressure, it hard to know if they can do this because I don't know them, they are strangers, but hopefully they have support systems in place via family and friends, so maybe. But if next year they are in divorce court instead of criminal, I won't be surprised.


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