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Miley Cyrus finally kissing 'Hannah Montana' goodbye

Miley Aww, our little girl's growing up. Miley Cyrus is kicking "Hannah Montana" to the curb once the series' fourth season is wrapped.

And while "Hannah Montana” may very well be television history, according to a Disney Channel exec, it looks as if it'll be a long goodbye.

The show's fourth season begins production later this month. The Season 3 finale -- "Is Miley Saying Goodbye?" --  will air in March, then the fourth season hits the tube, with episodes airing "at least over a full year," said Adam Bonnett, a senior VP of programming

Is there any future for Hannah, once Miley is done with her? “You never know in this business," Bonnett said about the show. A Disney spokeswoman confirmed his comments to the Post on Friday; Cyrus' rep didn't immediately respond to an AP request for comment.

Oh well, at least Disney still has the Jonas Brothers.

And Miley will soon be free to live happily ever after as the worst celebrity in the history of the entire world

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Miley Cyrus arrives at the Teen Choice Awards at Gibson Amphitheatre on Aug. 9, 2009. Hannah Montana was not photographed on the red carpet. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images.

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yo not good hannah is realy miley cyrus


After your closing comment, now I know why no one really likes your articles. They are too biased with personnal unsupported opinions. I guess that makes you the worst writer for LA times of all time. I really wish people would stick to the facts when posting a story and leave personnal bias out of it.

@Stan -- Christie D'Zurilla here, from the Ministry. If you clicked the link in that last comment, you must have seen that it took you to a post I wrote in *defense* of Miley, suggesting that a poll calling her the worst celebrity influence around was indeed a ridiculous bit of Internet-poll garbage.

Since then, regular readers know, the labeling of Miley as "the worst celebrity influence in the world" has been a mild running joke through almost every post in which she's mentioned.

Gosh I hate it when I have to explain the jokes.

Perhaps you didn't bother to click? Or maybe sarcasm isn't your thing?

I do, however, appreciate you checking with all the Ministry's readers to determine that nobody likes my articles, what with all my crazy "personal" opinions -- I can't believe you checked with *all* of them so quickly, dear. Impressive speed. The post's only been up for two hours, and the blog has quite a few readers! Like, more than can fill a whole high school! I know, crazy, huh!

Thank you very much for being one of the blog's readers, and for taking the time to thoughtfully comment.


hi miley like your alfite

do you like the Jonas brothers

why miley why r u leaveing hannah

YYYyyaaaawwwwnn!! Who cares? Now she can focus on her real dream career...pole dancing and strip-teasing at the local strip clubs.

I would like to see miley give up hannah for a day and she would be back for more fame and forchin and she would still be KISSING jones

bs wow i dont think you should but its your decision bye

Why i love hanah montana

I'm sure that she won't leave Hannah Montana, it's just a rumor and none of us know.

dont get rid of hannah lots of people like it


miley you cant get rid of hannah she is a role model to all kids including me.
i want to know why you are doing this to all of us it makes me sad iam sorry but miley is not my role model any more because of her new album kids in my class are wearing stuff like her and they are way to young it is so sad you used to be different lets hope taylor swift stays nice and a role model.


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