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Miley Cyrus, a poll and that pole -- a little perspective please?

October 28, 2009 |  6:58 pm

Miley I'm not sure I can live in a world that considers Miley Cyrus evil incarnate. Just not sure.

But I guess it's time to get over that, because according to a new AOL poll, Miley Cyrus is indeed this year's worst celebrity influence in the world.

I'm just going to let that hang there for a minute, so y'all can process it.

Hannah Montana = Worst Celebrity Alive?

Only the fact that it was a nonscientific online poll, and the fact that nonscientific online polls are generally full of it, keeps me from immediately jumping off the tallest file cabinet in the newsroom.

For the record: Not every pole is a stripper pole.

That said -- let's set the record straight. With, of course, the following nonscientific online poll ...