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Globes live on Twitter, Part 6: The valet. Oh, the valet.

January 20, 2010 | 11:56 am

Gg program The Ministry of Gossip live-tweets the Golden Globes -- continued. Click here to return to Part 5.

Valet parking at this type of major event is, if nothing else, a good time to catch up on one's correspondence. 

Incidentally, the water squishing up through the soggy red carpet felt heavenly -- at least for the first half hour. The following tweets are all from me, CDZ.

12:31 a.m: End of the night, valet parking, shoes off in the rain. This is the part you don't see on TV. A good time was has by all...

12:34 cdz @playingwithu: I am flattered and humbled. Thank you.

12:35 cdz @mizmode: My pleasure. Drew adds happiness to my life!

12:37 cdz @lavelleward: Went to NBC Universal and Summit. The latter is more subdued but lovely people. Weinstein popping and we will have on the blog.

12:38 cdz @KNXDavid: Hey, it's my mission in life. I'm not fab -- just goofy.

12:39: I think I am the only person here not getting picked up in a Town Car.

  Gladis mug 12:42 cdz @kris_cunningham: The dress thing was nuts!! All I can figure is, the style was flattering? Next time I go vintage.

12:44 cdz @irritatedwoman: Stylist was "Los Angeles journalist." I need to step it up.

12:46 cdz @vi_rox re "at least you got to go": And it was a blast. I am not going to pretend otherwise. Thx for following!!

12:49: Mad Men guy at valet with the rest of us... What is his name?? The arty writer character with the beard...

12:53: Composer and director from "Up" waiting for car with their Globes -- I have only my Godiva chocolate party favors.

12:54: Jeremy Piven in front of me in the rain. If his car comes first, I cry foul!

12:55: OK, foul.

1:48 a.m.: Safe home. BTW, I'd auction off this dress to benefit #Haiti, EXCEPT EVERYONE ALREADY OWNS IT. G'night, tweeps. Thx for folo's/cdz #globes

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credits: This is what happens when the Ministry is allowed to take its own pics, people. Except for the one of Michael Gladis, the guy from "Mad Men." Credit on that goes to Carin Baer / AMC.

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