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Globes live on Twitter, Part 3: Showtime and sandwiches

January 20, 2010 | 11:57 am

The Ministry of Gossip live-tweets the Golden Globes -- continued. Click here to return to Part 2.

Like magic, all of a sudden we're sitting in the middle of a TV show.

Gg shoes 5:01 p.m.: /Matt

5:01: Whose beard is better, Jon Hamm or Ricky Gervais? /Matt

5:01 TheTVJunkie: Hamm

5:02 Paniker: John Hamm. ;)

5:02: Ricky Gervais goofing on Steve Carell in "The Office," urges purchase of UK-version box set/cdz

5:03: Who needs Gary Coleman's penis when Gervais is so much funnier talking about his?/cdz

Um, click here or here to understand THAT joke/cdz 

5:05: Angelina joke goes over well/cdz

Ricky Gervais cracked a joke about Angelina Jolie, saying: "Actors aren't just loved here in Hollywood, they're loved the world over, because they're recognizable." "You can be in the Third World, and you get a glimpse of a Hollywood star, and it makes you feel better. You can be a little child, a little Asian child, with no possessions, no money -- but you see a picture of Angelina Jolie and you think, ‘Mummy!'"

5:05: Nicole Kidman, why you so classy? /Matt

Gg hbo 5:07: I love that Sofia Loren is sitting with Tom Ford. /Matt

5:08: Mo'nique just brought a lil tear to my eye./cdz

5:10: Mo'Nique, I have chills /Matt

5:10 marissajeanine: Is @adamlambert attending the Golden Globes tonight?

5:10: Gleeks, are you ready [for Lea Michele's category]?/cdz

5:11 MzNicks: Mine too! RT @LATcelebs: Mo'nique just brought a lil tear to my eye.

5:12: Awww for Lea Michele -- congrats to Toni Collette, whose resume includes some of my fave films. Ooh that's a dress!/cdz

5:16: Commercial ... Who's out smoking?/cdz

The answer was, lots of guys (with ladies joining later at a ratio of about 6-1, maybe?). Early smokers included Kiefer Sutherland and Jeremy Renner. Incidentally, the smoking patio, protected from the rain, was adjacent to the Room With the Sandwiches, which included a light buffet and two large bars pouring drinks freely. Quite a few celebs spent the bulk of the show in this area -- which was accessible from the back of the ballroom -- hanging out and watching the show on TVs placed in the smoking area./cdz

5:18: Ummmm I guess William Hurt wins the beard contest. Moses, much? / Matt

5:28: Ah, who knew. I am in The Room With the Sandwiches; so are Jeremy Renner, Kevin Dillon. Kiefer was nearby but headed off with an umbrella.

5:32 starshine_3: @LATcelebs Hey I'd love to be in a room with Jeremy Renner whether there were sandwiches there or not. :D

5:54 burnsey5133: so deserving!

5:45: Xtina [Christina Aguilera] and Cher onstage together. My head just exploded. /Matt

5:49: Now almost impossible to navigate the smoking patio. New York would be proud/cdz #redeye #globes

5:51: Michael C. Hall backstage after winning his award. He's in great spirits, had small security detail. /Matt

5:52: Outside the hotel is a mass stylist/hair/makeup exodus. They're taking the rain a lot worse than celebs I've seen. /Matt

5:55: Sue S. [Jane Lynch] from Glee on a mission for a tiny bite of dessert during the break. Posing for pics (Shhh! No cameras allowed!) So pretty as she smiles./cdz

5:57: P.S. Another someone has this dress, in a diff color than me and Same Dress. We have not met. Perhaps she's avoiding me? (Macy's, $229.)/cdz 

6:00: Colin Farrell haircut = PASS! /Matt

6:02: Nora Ephron just lost it over Meryl Streep's Julia & Julia win. So cute /Matt

6:04: Meryl Streep: "I'm very clear that I'm the vessel." Classy. /cdz

6:04: Sorry, its Julia & JULIE. You try not making that mistake when Roberts is laughing and smiling in the audience! /Matt

Actually, it's "Julie & Julia," but you try not making any of those mistakes when you're tweeting from the Golden Globes./cdz

6:05: There goes Michael C. Hall back to his seat -- the Ministry has family friends who also have fought lymphoma/leukemia and won.

6:07: Just saw Toni Collette clutching her awards -- the globe statue is about as tall as a TV remote, the base like a marble perfume box /Matt

6:10: Statue is small, but oh oh OH so big. /Matt

6:11: Sitting at Taylor Lautner's table... Waiting for a break to talk to him./cdz

6:13 Meggimeg16:  OMG ur soo lucky

At this point I'd scooted down to the tables on the level closest to the stage, so the perspective was a lot different than from the front of the third level of tables. That's how I got an up-close view of Drew's crystallized dress -- she was right there./cdz

6:15: Justin Long got a "love you!" from Drew Barrymore before running up to accept best actress in a miniseries for Grey Gardens/Matt

6:15: Drew B. is adorable. And the sparkles on dress are astonishing. Justin is smiling during her speech. /cdz

6:16 via twitterfeed: VIDEO: George Clooney on the red carpet at the Golden Globes

6:18: Damn, Taylor has been whisked away. Will try again later ... /cdz

6:22: Looked up across the table, directly (unexpectedly) into the gaze of Pierce Brosnan. This did not suck./cdz

6:24: I'm sorry, disagree if you will, Jennifer Aniston is breathtaking. Looking so gorgeous bantering w/ Gerard Butler/Matt

6:26 cdz @MzNicks: The speech was so beautiful. Truly. /cdz

6:26: Meryl Streep just walked RIGHT BY ME. I can't breathe. She's got little gold Eiffel Tower earrings on, it looks like/Matt

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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