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Globes live on Twitter, Part 4: Dresses and Miller Lite

Gg scorsese The Ministry of Gossip live-tweets the Golden Globes -- continued. Click here to return to Part 3.

6:27 p.m.: OMG 4th woman in my dress./cdz

6:28 Paniker: You should all sit on one table. Would be fun!

629 irritatedwoman RT @LATcelebs: OMG 4th woman in my dress. / Time to reconsider what stylist you're working with, honey.

6:29 starshine_3: You guys should start a kick line.

6:30 Paniker: At the table ;)

6:34: Adrian Grenier cocktailing -- somehow the Entourage gang is gravitating to the relaxed room?/cdz

6:36: Steve Carell on his cellphone by bar -- somehow incredibly funny. His expressions are, well, what you'd expect. But its real./cdz

6:38: No lie -- girl #5 in this dress. Next year, vintage./cdz

6:42 KNXDavid: well, at least it shows you have good taste in picking a dress...

6:42 Paniker: Make a group photo!

6:45 ajoedean: I can imagine Steve's expressions. Great funny guy!

6:47 via twitterfeed: VIDEO: Jason Reitman on the red carpet at the Golden Globes http://bit.ly/4L1HAF

6:48: Chloe Sevigny thanks a PA who runs lines with her. Love that./cdz

6:58: Did DeNiro just make [Martin] Scorsese blush?

Robert DeNiro's line: "We're like an old married couple. We built a life together, we have great memories — we just don't sleep together anymore."/cdz

7:00: OK, so, Leo DiCaprio is doing this sincere Scorsese presentation ... But do I hear hooting and hollering from The Room With the Sandwiches?/cdz

7:03: Congrats Jon Hamm. I've got scoop on his beard coming up... /Matt

7:05: Whoops ... Tweeting ... And I realize I'm the only one in the room not standing O for Scorsese. #MyBad/cdz

7:06: Oh crap, is that My Dress #6, or did someone change their hair color?/cdz

7:12: Thank you, Zach Levi from "Chuck," for eating a full plate and asking where the bar is. Everyone else is too shy./Matt

7:13: Jodie. Foster. Rocks. /cdz

7:13 HRJEFE: Jodie. Foster. Rocks. (via @LATcelebs). So true.

7:15: WOW. Mel Gibson gets pwned by Ricky Gervais!!!/cdz

Gervais' intro line: "I've had a couple. I'm not going to lie to you. Honestly, I like a drink as much as the next man -- unless the next man is Mel Gibson."/cdz

7:16: January Jones outside smoking and marveling over Mad Men's win with Elizabeth Moss/Matt

7:17: James Cameron unprepared b/c he thought best director would go to "Hurt Locker" helmer Kathryn Bigelow. Now he's speaking blue speak?

7:18: Saw Emily - niiice! RT @LATimesIMAGE: Golden Globes: Emily Blunt's romantic makeup and Olivia Wilde's Bond girl beauty http://bit.ly/5tJOyt

7:19 via twitterfeed: VIDEO: Adrian Grenier on the red carpet at the Golden Globes http://bit.ly/5H4uYo

7:20: GLEE!!!!!!!!/Matt

7:20: Cheers for Glee nomination ... And it wins!! (The Ministry loves Glee. Full disclosure!!)/cdz

7:21: Ryan Murphy brings up the importance of arts education. Cool./cdz

7:23: Kyra Sedgwick walks by and hoots "yayyyy!" to folks offering congrats to Globe winner Mr. Kyra./cdz

7:25: Perhaps my chic teal wrap will camouflage The Ubiquitous Dress./cdz

7:27: I know I keep tweeting that so and so is adorable/cute/hot/pretty/perfect/whatever, but ya know, they kinda are. /cdz

7:28: No calling out other media outlets, but there was a BRAWL over Drew Barrymore for a one-on-one interview backstage. Awk/Matt

7:33: January Jones just excused herself stepping around Martin Scorsese, holding a bottle of Miller Lite. January, I love you/Matt

7:34 amysbp: Of all the beers, Miller Lite, really? RT @LATcelebs: January Jones just excused herself...holding a bottle of Miller Lite....#goldenglobes

7:36: Go get em, Sandy [Bullock]!!!/Matt

7:37 @KNXDavid re dress: Either that or there was a coupon???

7:39: Kyra and Kevin [Bacon] are just about the cutest thing ever. She's got her arm thrown around him, and they've been inseparable all night./cdz

7:39: Not bad for an old married couple, eh?/ cdz

7:41: Robert Downey Jr. -- hysterical./cdz

7:44: Jane Lynch is BEAMING. Viva Sue Sylvester. Lea Michele is gorgeous in her black gown. Both backstage w Chris Colfer/Matt

7:47: Kate Winslet, BTW, has a perfect rear end. I saw it, in her lovely gown. I approve. Beautiful./cdz

7:48: Hangover director Todd Philips walking w/entire cast backstage, arm around Mike Tyson!/Matt

7:48: Standing O builds for Jeff Bridges./cdz

7:49: Jeff Bridges loves his wife. That makes him even better. /cdz

7:50 via twitterfeed: VIDEO: Justin Bartha on the red carpet at the Golden Globes http://bit.ly/6ZouY5

7:50: And more props for the talented T-Bone Burnett. Check out his music if you haven't)/cdz #globes

7:53: Chace Crawford posing for photos with a family of regular folks just stayin' at the Bev Hilton/Matt

7:53: Whoever wins best pic gets 2 min to say thanks, the voice in the sky announces. "It's not a Hurt Locker crowd" I hear next to me ... Let's see. /cdz

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Click here to continue to Part 5: 'Avatar' wins; shoes attack.

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