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The Ministry of Gossip's comments of the week

November 20, 2009 |  5:00 pm

Screamer The Ministry of Gossip loves comments, so each week we're going to highlight a handful that stood out to us for one reason or another -- and announce our fave. MOG's debut week has been a short one, but the comments were still bold and beautiful

Here are some opinions of note for the Gossip Week ending Friday, Nov. 20, 2009:

I love Johnny Depp as an actor - he's brilliant, but afraid I don't find him sexy (with apologies to one of my dearest friends who would disagree with me vehemently here). I'd like to know where the heck Gerard Butler is on the list - oh, he didn't make it yet again? Boo hiss! I no longer see much validity in People's selections because it seems they are fixated on the same guys over and over - except I was very thrilled to see Adam Lambert make the list. One day I hope to see the true paradigm shift the year Adam makes the cover of this issue.

  • So did El Guapo de la cuidad de los angeles, who made us laugh:

I can't believe I'm not on the list.

He showed up earlier this month during a Maroon 5 concert at St. John's University doing the same thing.

Ron, you are correct, and we'd love to embed that video as well, but unfortunately the students at St. John's have a different way of saying "make love." But search "Jason Segel Maroon 5" on YouTube to check it out. The Ministry thinks the sound is more clear on that video, incidentally.

  • Commenter dave weighed in on the "Video Phone" post, getting extra points for calling it as he sees it on the eye candy angle:

Song is pretty lame, but lots of eye candy, so it's was worth it, lol. Maybe it's just my preference, but putting them side by side, Lady Gaga couldn't really hold up to beyonce on the hotness meter.

  • And commenting about Chris Brown's probation progress, we heard from MOG reader nope. The Ministry played it light on that post, and nope lobbied against the snark.

So, the commenters must be over 13. Are the writers of the the article over this age???
1) "Talked and laughed" with lawyer. I guess this is to make it seem like he's taking this as a joke, right? Project much??
2) Riri also said she likes his music and misses him still. I guess that didn't fit w/ the tone of the article. Snark much?
3) No, CB probably won't be attending any awards shows for a while, but guaranteed, he won't be down forever.

Of course, most stories have more than one point of view -- thanks for giving us yours! And yeah, the Ministry is tragically older than 13. Good for getting into bars, not so good for getting out of bed in the morning. 

The winner and fabulous prize are after the jump.

Cheese This week, the Ministry would like to present this Delicious Picture of Wine and Cheese to nope, for our favorite comment of the week.

Thanks, nope, for making us think twice.

And thanks to everyone else for taking the time talk back.

-- The Ministry of Gossip

Photos: A screaming Duke Blue Devils fan embodies the subtle art of Internet commentary, top. And the bottom photo is just a bunch of cheese and a glass of wine. Oh, wait, "red wine." Credits: Top, Josh D. Weiss / US Presswire. Bottom, Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times.

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