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Bringing Coney to L.A.: Coney Dog opens in West Hollywood

In search of a Coney Island hot dog taste-a-like on the West Coast, continuous disappointment drove a group of hungry, Coney dog fiend-ing ex-Detroiters to bring their treasured, childhood staple to L.A. (In case you haven't figured it out, Coney Dogs are a beloved mainstay in Michigan and especially the Detroit area.)

Coney Dog opens today on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood and we'll be frank: these people are serious about their chili dogs. Steamed buns, anyone? Customers will be relieved to know that what makes up these dogs is no mystery. 80% pure ground beef and 20% pork, the Coney dogs contain no added fats, parts, fillers or thickeners. The chili is custom made and shipped from Detroit unless you prefer vegetarian which is homemade daily. 8873 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310-854-1172, coneydogla.com


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--Caitlin Keller

Photo: Coney Dog. Credit: Coneydogla.com

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Detroiters call their dogs coney dogs, not coney island hot dogs. The original coney dog was served outside of detroit in 1914 and the first hot dog on coney island in new york was served in 1916.

Although it's called a Coney Island hot dog, this type of dog originated in Michigan and is referred to most often as simply a "coney". It's not from New York and it's not a chili dog, folks.

I had a couple of these treats on opening day before the Tigers-Dodgers series opener. They are the real deal. If you know what a real coney is and you're in the area, stop by and have one along with a Faygo or Stroh's.

Just for the record,

Coney Island is an old time amusement park on Long Island where the original Coney Island Dog stands started.


Detroiters call their dogs "Coney Island" hot dogs, not "Coney" dogs. I believe New Yorkers call their dogs "Coney" dogs.

There's the distinction.

Coney Island is in NYC. A true "Coney Island" is really very simple: Sauerkraut and yellow mustard. For a great one, hit up LA Buns on Santa Monica Blvd and Palm (near the carwash)in Weho. Good luck to Coney Dog - but a chili dog is NOT a true coney dog. Just sayin'.

if you are vegetarian don't go here.. this is real food for real people


Coney Island hots dogs came from Michigan?

What about the original from Coney Island Long Island, New York?

Thats where they started.


Oh boy! I'm from Detroit so can't wait for this! I hear they'll have Faygo pop too (and I do mean pop not "soda!")

As the granddaughter of the founder of the Lafayette (all you Detroiters know what I'm talking about) and a 10-year Californian, I can't wait to try Mike's place on Sunset next week. Great going Mike and the team!! I wish you all the best of success :)


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