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Just a little something from Cayucos

June 16, 2011 |  5:08 pm

OK, here's my dirty little secret (well, one of them anyway): In my desk at work, I always keep a stash of sweets. No fancy chocolates or anything like that (I leave those to deputy Food editor Betty Hallock). But something that can take the edge off another cafeteria lunch, or give me a pop when those late-afternoon doldrums strike. Right now, the place of honor is taken by a couple of boxes a friend brought me from the Brown Butter Cookie company in Cayucos, up near Morro Bay.

These are crumbly little cookies, each one no bigger around than a very chubby poker chip, just the perfect size for a snack. And for me they are the perfect mixture of just a touch sweet and just a tad salty. They come in four flavors: the original brown butter-sea salt; cocoa; bourbon; and espresso. There is also a gluten-free mint-flavored version. Prices are $13 to $15 a dozen.

I wish I could tell you which was my favorite, but I keep alternating them, and I like all of them.

--Russ Parsons


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