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Animated fly-through of DSR design for Broad museum

January 6, 2011 | 11:05 am

Before we head up the hill for the Broad museum news conference, we'll leave you with one more glimpse of the design, in this case an animated fly-through of the three-story building. The video makes clear how the pre-cast concrete skin will offer shifting views of the interior as drivers move past the museum, and also gives a sense of the way visitors will move through the lobby and up an escalator to the third-floor gallery space.


Broaddesign The grand plan for the Broad museum

Critic's notebook: Broad museum design pointed in the right direction

More images of DSR's design for the Broad museum

--Christopher Hawthorne

Image: Video courtesy Broad Art Foundation/Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

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Great design as an Object but not so great urban design. The sidewalk needs a little TLC.

Another self-endulging design "look at me" building! No continuation of street life! Give me the old fashioned downtown any time! Besides Luis Kahn did better than that skylight deal with the Kimbell Museum in Texas!

I am not sure I get the Ikea mentality of new museums. Escalators to the top floor? Exit through the gift shop? It s the same forced merchandising as Ikea.

I much prefer the skylit areas to A) be softer and B) be a crescendo of sorts like Botta's not so pretty SFMOMA.

I agree that this building competes with the art. And there is no way the side lighting as shown will not have direct light and ultimately consequences on the conservation of the art.

Not sure what prompted the first 2 comments but, the way I see it, having all that natural light while, it appears, protecting the artwork from direct sunlight seems to be a good example of form following function. I like it.

Seems a bit lifeless considering how much life LA has to offer. Its not very inviting from a street scape aspect. Another design of Were doing just because we can.........................

Doesn't look any better in the fly-through. Still the Pigeon Coop. Absolutely cut off from anything outside the building.

When I saw the wide angle lens photograph in the LA Times, I thought at least he (Broad) was trying, but when I saw the 'fly-through' , I was kind of perplexed. This building is supposed to be a museum? Where could the art possibly be? Apart from Broad's, Koons sculptures, nothing would fit or match in this building.
This design looks fitting for a World Expo somewhere on this planet, where the building and it's scale, are most important.
What is it with architects and rich men who like to build museums, but all they are doing are making statements about themselves, building monuments for themselves. It says more who they are and what they are than creating a place where everything is geared towards showing art and not only gigantic art.

Reminds me of how in Vegas, each block represents a competing idea.

This thing is quite reminiscent of Seattle's Central Library, especially some of the interior spaces:


Journey thru our bodies? That escalator ride was downright vaginal or was that an MRI machine?! Maybe an airport terminal?! Hopefully just the missing art sanitized the tour.
I'm still disappointed it will be built downtown. Without decent public transportation all the arts offered aren't much offered or only painfully so. Santa Monica would have been a refreshing, progressive change.


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