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Four glimpses of what's happening today in Syria [Video]

March 5, 2012 | 12:54 pm

A Syrian child hoists a sign with the slogan, "Even when you kill us, we are born again," in this video of a protest against the Syrian government.

Another placard says, "Arabs stop the killing. History has no mercy."

The video, posted on YouTube by opposition activists, purports to show a demonstration Monday in the town of Hirak in Dara province.

With limited access to Syria for journalists, amateur videos like this one have become an important testament to what life is like in the embattled country nearly a year into an uprising against President Bashar Assad.

However, because media access is restricted, The Times cannot verify all of the events shown in these videos. The Syrian government often alleges that some of the most alarming videos -- including graphic footage of dead or injured children -- are faked.

Here are three more glimpses of what's happening in Syria today as seen through amateur video:

This video is said to show the creation of an Alawite brigade in the rebel Free Syrian Army.

"I call the officers and especially those who belong to the Alawite sect, to defect from the Syrian army and to join the FSA. Long live free Syria. God is great," a uniformed man who identifies himself as Capt. Saleh Sakeh says in the video, uploaded by opposition activists.

Assad, an Alawite, has traditionally played on fears in this small religious sect that his overthrow would spur revenge killings of Alawites. The religious group also dominates the Syrian military.

Tanks and buses, reportedly loaded with shabiha militiamen who back the government, enter the town of Yabroud north of Damascus on Monday, according to the narrator of this video. The footage was uploaded to YouTube by opposition activists.

This video purports to show another demonstration Monday, this one by students in the Barza suburb of Damascus. The students chant, "Death but not humiliation." The video was posted to YouTube by opposition activists.


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-- Emily Alpert in Los Angeles and Rima Marrouch in Beirut