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IRAN: Commander labels U.S. protests as 'American Spring'

October 10, 2011 |  6:04 am

Occupy Wall Street protest
REPORTING FROM TEHRAN -- An Iranian military commander has labeled the protests spreading from New York's Wall Street to other U.S. cities the beginning of an "American Spring," likening them to the uprisings that toppled Arab autocrats in the Middle East, Iran's official news agency reported.

Gen. Masoud Jazayeri of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, who is often involved in anti-U.S. propaganda efforts, said the protests against corporate greed and the gap between rich and poor represent the stirrings of a revolution that will topple the Western economic structure. President Obama's election promises of change have reached a dead end, he argued.

"The failure of the U.S. president to resolve the Wall Street crisis will turn this economic movement into a political and social movement protesting the very structure of the U.S. government," the official Islamic Republic News Agency quoted Jazayeri as saying Sunday.

"A revolution and a comprehensive movement against corruption in the U.S. is in the making," the general said to IRNA. "The last phase will be the collapse of the Western capitalist system."


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-- Ramin  Mostaghim

Photo: An Occupy Wall Street march in Lower Manhattan in New York on Oct. 5. Credit: Craig Ruttle / Associated Press