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Mitt Romney jokes about being 'recognized' at women's beach volleyball in Beijing Olympics

July 14, 2011 |  6:45 pm


Mitt Romney appears to be having a good time on the campaign trail being one of the GOP presidential front-runners.

In a speech captured by Kasie Hunt of Politico that at times seemed plucked from a (discarded) David Letterman monologue, the former Massachusetts governor was self-depricating while kidding that he often gets recognized on the road.

In one aside, he mentioned that he (like then-President George W. Bush) was in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games taking in "one of my favorite events -- women's beach volleyball." His wife, Ann, insisted, he joked.

"I noticed that some Americans in the crowd had recognized me and were pointing at me had taken out their cameras and were taking my picture," Romney told an audience at the Portsmouth, N.H., Rotary Club. 

"And then I noticed that some Chinese in the audience were doing the same thing. And I said, 'Ann, sit up straight, look -- they're all taking our picture.' And she goes like this, and I turn around," Romney said, "and there's Kobe Bryant sitting right behind me."

Right behind Romney now is Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul, both of whom may try to capitalize on a 17-year-old political ad that claimed Romney benefited to the tune of millions of dollars when his former company, Bain & Co., received a type of federal bailout.

“He and others made $4 million in this deal, which cost ordinary people $10 million,” the ad claims.

Ron Paul's campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, told the Boston Globe on Thursday: “This is more evidence that the so-called front-runners from the establishment represent more of the status quo that American voters are tired of -- people who benefit from government bailouts on the taxpayers’ dime and seek office to help their buddies do the same.”


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Photo: President George W. Bush plays beach volleyball with Misty May-Treanor in Beijing in 2008. Credit: Thomas Coex / AFP-Getty Images