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Healthy-eating advocate Michelle Obama downs 1,700 calorie lunch: A burger, fries and shake (chocolate)

July 11, 2011 |  4:10 pm

It's good to be first lady.

MichelleObamaoffAF1shorts09EdtdtoherapMichelle Obama has become the nation's foremost advocate for restaurant menu reform and healthier eating to reduce obesity, especially among children. 

She has made much of the need for Americans to routinely pack away fewer calories and carbs, more veggies, fruits -- that sort of stuff.

Plus, of course, get more exercise.

But alas one of those annoying media types, a reporter from the Washington Post, happened to be on the scene in Washington today.

Of course, it's hard to miss when a busy street and a new diner are totally shut down to the public for its normal bustling traffic of lunch-hour customers for the benefit of one VIP eater.

While her husband was telling the country it's time to eat its peas and address the staggering national deficit, Mrs. Obama went out for lunch.

But the healthy-eating advocate was nabbed doing 60 in a 35 zone: At today's lunch Mrs. Obama downed a good-sized ShackBurger.

And french fries.

And a milk shake of the chocolate variety.

According to the Shake Shack's website, that adds up to a whopping 1,700 calories for one meal.

Obama has said that occasional indulgences are OK. This obviously was one.

And Obama may have forgotten that today is July 11 as in 7/11 or 7-Eleven. As such, it is the annual midsummer day when that national convenience store chain offers free Slurpees over in the sticky-floor corner.

However, to make up for the 1,700-calorie indulgence, the first lady did cut back on the cals for her second luncheon drink. She had a diet Coke.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press (First Lady Obama leaves Air Force One on a vacation).