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Sarah Palin reveals a secret behind her canceled 'One Nation' bus tour

June 23, 2011 |  5:12 am

Sarah Palin by her one nation Boston Bus 6-2-11

In case you haven't checked Sarah Palin's Facebook page yet this morning, she offers an update about her canceled 'One Nation' bus tour.

It wasn't canceled.

So, how to explain recent delighted doomsday media coverage: "Did the Palin bus tour run out of gas?" or "Sarah Palin's bus tour: Have the wheels come off?"

The Republican former governor couldn't ask for a more cooperative media (Scroll down for our previous item on how she plays the media so skillfully.)

Knowing that those five letters S-A-R-A-H or P-A-L-I-N drive huge online traffic, the disappearance of the media celebrity for even a short time offers an irresistible opportunity to speculate. Which, in turn, offers her the chance to generate more publicity by pointing out how wrong they are.

Which is what she did again with delight Wednesday evening on Facebook.

She told her more than 3,157,000 fans there how surprised she was to read of her canceled bus tour because no one had told her. "Oh, wait," she wrote, "that’s because it hasn’t been cancelled. (Good ol' media... you never cease to amaze!)"

She added, "The summer is long, and I’m looking forward to hitting the open road again."

So, why the hiatus?

Well, she explains, it turns out that even former governors get called for jury duty back in Alaska. So, she'll do her civic duty. It seems there's a pending jury trial involving a newspaper reporter who allegedly embezzled money from an elderly Republican woman who spoke out in support of Palin.

No, we made that up. Who knows what she might be called for.

So, now that it's officially summertime in the lower 48, when will the 'One Nation' bus tour resume? "The next leg of the tour continues when the time comes," Palin wrote. "In the meantime, no one should jump to conclusions."

Also, in the meantime Palin's campaign pal from last fall, Michele Bachmann, will be announcing her candidacy for the Republican nomination for president, fresh from her impressive debate debut in New Hampshire two weeks ago.


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Photo: Steven Senne / Associated Press (Palin by her bus in Boston, June 2).