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Michele Bachmann to be first woman to enter 2012 presidential race on Monday

June 22, 2011 | 12:20 pm

Michele Bachmann to be first woman to enter 2012 presidential race on MondayMichele Bachmann, the conservative congresswoman from Minnesota, will formally enter the presidential race on Monday.

Why has it taken her so long? Didn't she announce during the GOP debate last week that she is throwing her hat into the ring?

She did, but that announcement was an announcement to announce she would formally announce later. That later will be Monday.

Does she have a chance to win? According to a new Zogby poll of probable Republican voters, 24% of those polled favor Bachmann over the rest of the pack. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and businessman Herman Cain were tied for second with 15%.

At last weekend's eventful AFP RightOnline conference in Minneapolis Bachmann got glittered, entered the stage to Katy Perry's "Firework" (which some feel is controversial since Perry's lyrics reach out to many, including gays -- a group that's upset with the conservative), and interestingly positioned herself as one who would get jobs for Hispanics and African Americans.

Bachmann, who will be the first woman to enter the 2012 race, said that President Obama has failed all Americans but curiously focused on his alleged failure with minorities.

"The status quo certainly isn’t working for the African American community, with 16% unemployment, or the Hispanic community, with nearly 12% unemployment," Bachmann said.

"It’s even worse for the youth: For Hispanic youth right now, 26% unemployment; for African American youth, 40% unemployment," Bachmann continued. "This president has failed the Hispanic community. He has failed the African American community. He has failed us all when it comes to jobs."

Bachmann, a "tea party" darling, will formerly, for real this time, announce her official entrance to the race Monday in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa.


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Photo: Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) speaks at the AFP RightOnline Conference in Minneapolis on Saturday. Credit: Hannah Foslien / Associated Press