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Donald Trump warns GOP that they could lose the House, hints at returning to presidential race

June 9, 2011 |  3:57 pm

Donald Trump speaks at a tea party rally in Boca Raton, Fla. on April 16, 2011

Donald Trump took to YouTube on Thursday to warn the Republicans that they are in danger of losing their majority in the House of Representatives and if they nominate "the wrong guy" they may have to deal with the billionaire.

The real estate tycoon criticized Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s GOP budget plan calling the timing and concept of the plan "so bad," referring specifically to the congressman's desire to radically overhaul the entitlement program.

“When they tamper with Medicare -- which happens to be a good program, but there’s lots of fraud and waste which we should take care of -- but when they tamper with Medicare, they have a death wish,” Trump said.

"The Democrats are laughing at the stupidity of the Republicans and this Ryan plan," Trump said.

Trump performed well in preliminary polls while he was demanding that President Obama release his long-form birth certificate. Weeks after Obama's Hawaii document was released and Osama bin Laden was killed, Trump stood down and said he wouldn't run for the GOP nomination.

But that doesn't mean he won't run as an Independent, something he hinted at in Thursday's video.

“I am watching very carefully," Trump told the GOP. "If the wrong person is nominated you watch what happens with Donald Trump and what he does because we have to beat Obama,” Trump said.

"This country cannot last any longer with Obama as our president," the real estate developer predicted.

After CNN's Wolf Blitzer played portions of Trumps message on "The Situation Room," the anchor complained about Trump's broadcasting equipment.

"That audio it sounds so tinny and hollow and cheap, you're a billionaire get better audio for your YouTubes," Blitzer said.

"Some friendly advice from one television guy to another television guy," Blitzer added.



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