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Osama Bin Laden purportedly had an 'extensive' collection of pornography in a wooden box

May 13, 2011 |  4:13 pm


Osama bin Laden might have been looking at a lot more than news reports of himself on the television set in his home in Pakistan. Reuters reported Friday that U.S. commandos found a "fairly extensive" collection of pornography at the terrorist's suburban hideout.

U.S. officials told Reuters they did not know whether the Al Qaeda leader had purloined or viewed the materials, described as "modern electronically recorded video," and they did not know where in the three-story compound the adult content was discovered.

However, an unnamed official told ABC News that the "huge" stash was found in a wooden box in Bin Laden's bedroom. 

Needless to say, bloggers are having a field day with this discovery.

Reason's Jacob Sullum, on a post titled "Bin Laden Was a Narcissistic, Beard-Dyeing Porn Fan (Also a Mass Murderer)", wondered whether the release of this news is part of the government's attempt "to discredit him after his death so ... he doesn't become a martyr in the eyes of the Arab youth," as former White House counterterrorism official Richard Clarke speculated when the videos of Bin Laden watching television were released last week.

Jack Stueff of Wonkette, the satirical political blog, asked, "Oh no! Why did we heathen Americans haveto make sexual intercourse so alluring to bin Ladne’s body? Now he’ll never get into heaven. He was so close to getting into heaven!" Stueff's headline was "Officials Uncover Osama Bin Laden’s Inevitable Porn Stash".

TMZ went withthe headline: "Osama bin NAUGHTY-- Porn Found In Hideout".


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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Osama bin Laden is shown watching himself on television, with U.S. President Barack Obama also on screen, in this video frame grab released by the U.S. Pentagon May 7, 2011.  Credit: REUTERS/Pentagon/Handout