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National Republican Senatorial Committee video 'endorsement' of Barack Obama for reelection in 2012

April 1, 2011 |  7:24 pm

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has produced the first campaign video for the reelection of President Barack Obama.

The fact that the video was released on the eve of  April Fools' Day should clue one into the idea that the "only political committee solely dedicated to electing Republicans to the U.S. Senate" probably isn't serious in its professionally made video in support of the top Democrat.

Other hints that the Republicans are having a bit of a laugh: Most of the "accomplishments" cited in the video are tongue-in-cheek, and it concludes with Obama riding a unicorn on a rainbow.

NRSC The video has gotten about 150,000 views in less than 24 hours and nearly 600 comments, some of which suggest viewers are unclear that it's a joke, but some seemed to enjoy the spoof. Nearly all those commenting on the YouTube page felt the need to inject some of their own political leanings.

"This is a very funny video, especially the 'I will not rest' part. We so desperately need some good satire in this country and this is a refreshing treat for April Fool's Day! Thanks!," commented queanda2.

"Even though the tea party hates america, this is great," cynikaloptimist wrote.

"Great ad, but here's the bad part: the NRSC's 'alternative' are the exact same policies.

"President Obama...a big fat poopyfaced doodyhead. Also he eats his boogers and smells like fart. This message brought to you by the NRSC, Mrs. Applewaite's 2nd grade class, and the letter 7," scoffed arglbargl.

"This video makes me happy. I'm not sure why such negative things would. I think it was the unicorn he was riding on across the rainbow," wrote samdalton13.


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