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Joe Biden: Deep in thought or nodding off? We report, you decide

April 13, 2011 |  1:52 pm

Joe Biden resting his eyes or is he sleeping Vice President Joe Biden was given another big job by President Obama on Wednesday and the burden may have driven Obama's go-to guy into a moment of sleep or, at least, contemplation.

Biden, who has more than a nodding acquaintance with deficits, debts and federal budget woes, was caught apparently deep in thought or catching a few winks while Obama outlined his plan for dealing with the deficit. The video was posted on The Note, a political blog run by ABC News.

In his speech, the president explained that Biden would begin meeting with lawmakers from both parties next month with a goal of trying to work out a bipartisan deficit reduction plan.

The legislators will be chosen by the congressional leaders and they will seek some common ground between the widely different visions in the proposed GOP plan and the president's latest ideas.

Biden served in this role before on both domestic and foreign issues. He was one of those who recently helped negotiate the current compromise on this year's spending plan.

-- Michael Muskal

Photo: Screen shot from video off ABC News of Vice President Joe Biden with his eyes closed, apparently sleeping. Credit: ABC News