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Anticipating Obama's State of the Union as edited for the new civility

January 25, 2011 |  8:18 am

Obama standing alone prepared to speakWith House Republican snipers trying to pick off repeal parts of his healthcare legislation, President Obama will attempt to march wend his way through the political minefield briar patch of his next State of the Union address this  evening.

Fully armed With policy talking points, he'll issue a trumpet call to battle stations  arms rally embattled determined Democrats to gear up prepare for the crucial assault run-up on the 2012 presidential election year.

With so many obedient party members debunked diminished destroyed demolished defeated in November's midterm battle struggle as collateral damage for that take-no-prisoners healthcare vote, the Real Good Talker president will have dozens fewer friendly faces gazing up at the podium where Speaker Nancy Pelosi John Boehner now wields holds the gavel.

As usual, Vice President Joe Biden will also be there asleep applauding.

Many of the Supreme Court's nine justices, having been riddled bombarded chided by Obama during last year's speech partisan rally, may opt to stay home tonight and watch an adult a cable channel.

In a new poll of likely voters in advance of the president's rhetorical rant speech, Rasmussen Reports finds that slightly fewer Americans are interested in the annual ritual this year.

An eye-popping Forty-seven percent say these things are mostly for show, if you can imagine such a phony thing on TV in American politics. Forty-four percent find these Capitol Hill dronings addresses ever so important in setting national policy.

Fifteen percent of Americans are dense enough to believe that presidents accomplish most of what they blabber talk about in these appearances.

The president is certain to go on about discuss the professed importance of both parties working together this year because, as he so often says, there's plenty of time for his legions of campaign troops to close ranks campaign in 2012.

In fact, there are still 671 670 669 668 days until the presidential election, so much time in fact that chief political strategist David Axelrod isn't marching rushing back to the Chicago war room campaign headquarters office to take aim at plan for possible aggressors Republican Swiftboaters opponents until next year month.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Pete Souza / White House (Democrat Obama is about to speak).