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Ticket Replay: George W. Bush's idea to help Obama with the tax cut debate in D.C.: Stop calling them mine

December 29, 2010 |  2:22 pm

During the holiday season, as in years past, The Ticket is republishing some of our favorite items from the previous political year. This story was originally published on Dec. 14, 2010:

Former President George W. Bush has some advice for those so heatedly debating the Bush tax cuts in and around Congress these days:Cover of George W Bush memoir Decision Points

Stop calling them the Bush tax cuts.

Bush, who's promoting his best-selling memoirs, "Decision Points," is still refusing to criticize or second-guess his successor, who hasn't felt the same compulsion about his predecessor.

From Texas, Bush told the noted conservative radio talkshow host Scott Hennen (listen to audio recording below) that he thought there'd be less rancor in D.C. if the controversial tax cuts hadn't been labeled as belonging to him.

"Well, I wish they woulda called it something other than the Bush tax cuts," Bush said, "and therefore would have been less angst amongst some to pass it. But I do believe it’s very important to send the signal to our entrepreneurs and our families that the government trusts them to spend their own money.

"And I happen to believe lower taxes is what stimulates economic growth and what we need now in our country is economic growth."

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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