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Late-night jokes: WikiLeaks, Karzai, 'Jersey Shore,' Starbucks and Justin Bieber

December 6, 2010 |  8:08 am

Democrat president barack Obama's 12 stitched lip from a basketball game 11-30-10

As The Ticket's 55,300 Twitter followers here and 6,300+ Facebook fans here know, we regularly share our daily picks of the late-night jokes of interest, usually before broadcast each night. Here's our regular Monday morning collection No. 7:

Leno: President Obama got an elbow sandwich during a weekend basketball game. Twelve stitches on his lip. Of course, he blamed George W. Bush.

Conan: This week's big story, of course, is WikiLeaks. The website WikiLeaks released more than 250,000 secret government documents –- some of which refer to computer passwords for world leaders. The most shocking revelation?  Kofi Annan’s password is Bieberfan9.

Conan: WikiLeaks says the U.S. sees Afghan President Hamid Karzai as....

...paranoid and weak. Karzai replied, I was really afraid of something like this, but there’s nothing I can do.Justin Bieber

Conan: Today is "Cyber Monday," a huge online shopping day. Which is followed tomorrow by "Identity Theft Tuesday."

Leno: WikiLeaks has ALL the classified secrets. They know all the Pentagon’s secrets. But still, no one knows Victoria's Secret.

Leno: Doesn't WikiLeaks sound like some kind of drug like Flomax? My doctor had me on Flomax, then decided I really needed to be on WikiLeaks.

Conan: Tonight's the second night of Hanukkah. Actually since we're on TBS, we’re just re-running the first night.

Conan: Facebook's creator Mark Zuckerberg will be on '60 Minutes' Sunday. In other words, Zuckerberg will be interviewed by the only people currently not on Facebook.

Conan: This year's "10 Most Fascinating People" show has Barbara Walters interviewing the cast of "Jersey Shore." So it’s official: Walters is very easily fascinated.a Bingo Card

Letterman: Wow, five public restrooms now in Times Square. What, the curb isn’t good enough anymore? Anyway, they’re taking reservations now for New Years.

Conan: Two Oklahoma women were caught shoplifting $2,000 worth of merchandise stuffed in the rolls of their body fat. The cops said, we can do this the easy way or the disgusting way.

SNL: A Brooklyn coffee shop is now serving 20-ounce espressos, like 10 shots. All they ask is that you leave the coffee shop through the door.

Conan: The Federal Deficit Commission wants to raise the retirement age to 69. In other words, they want Brett Favre to play two more years.

Conan: Starbucks may start selling beer and wine at its coffee shops. Apparently, Starbucks is having trouble finding sober people willing to pay nine bucks for a cup of coffee.

Conan: On this day in 1929 the game of Bingo was created. And so was everybody who still plays it. 

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Olivier Douliery / EPA; Shuji Kajiyama / Associated Press (Justin Bieber).