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Ticket Replay: Finally, a key-chain ticking off the seconds left in Barack Obama's term

December 20, 2010 |  9:04 am

Democrat Barack Obama Nobama Countdown Clock

At last, a bipartisan Barack Obama novelty.

Sort of.

It's a key-chain clock counting down the days, hours and minutes left until Jan. 20, 2013.

Judging by the Democrat's recently sagging poll numbers, for a majority of Americans, this new novelty to believe in will be counting down the time to the end of Obama's first and last term in the White House.

However, for those voters who like the ex-state senator's spending, prevarications and policies, they can pretend the credit-card-sized clock is just counting down to the start of Obama's second and last term.

Either way, Patrick Phipps hopes to help stimulate his own personal economy through the NObama Countdown Clock, which he's just put on sale here.

Phipps has been a lifelong conservative who describes himself as a "serial entrepreneur trying to decide what to be when I grow up."

The 42-year-old Washington businessman also has a fling going with the Prez BaRock, an actual rock at a podium complete with an assortment of bipartisan bumper stickers: "Yes We Can/No We Shouldn't" and "Change We Can Count On/Change We'll Be Counting Forever." Profits from that are going to a Gulf Coast oil spill relief fund, he says.

As if he had a choice, Phipps went along with Obama's decisive 2008 election, hoping for the best and awaiting post-partisan presidential action. But this summer Phipps reached a tipping point, as he explained in an e-mail:

With the passage of the Healthcare Bill, Obama’s handling of the BP oil spill, his stance on illegal immigration, not to mention his many other actions with this further reaching government, I decided nothing this President or Congress was doing seemed funny to me.

And quite frankly, I started to get really angry at the take-over of our (and our kids’) future. It was at this time I chose to position the company from where my heart was, and that is NObama! I decided it's time to start counting down the end of this nightmare.

The pocket-sized clock, which costs $9.95, even ticks off tenths-of-a-second, for those particularly anxious politically.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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